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Mining and Poaching Threatens 15,000-Year-Old Peyote Tradition in Mexico

The Wixárika people of Mexico struggle to continue their sacred pilgrimage to gather peyote amid extractive forces.
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Top 7 Weirdest Mushrooms on the Planet

Take a gander—we dare you.
How To Do Acid

The LSD Comedown: Navigating the After Effects of Acid

The afterglow of a powerful LSD journey can set the stage for significant personal change—but how long does it last?

Psychedelics Could Become Extractive Capitalism—Unless We Hold Stakeholders Accountable

Reciprocity with Indigenous stewards of plant medicine is one way to start.
How to Take Shrooms

Mushroom Tinctures: A Complete Guide to an Age-Old Medicine

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make mushroom tinctures? Now’s your chance.
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How To

Mushroom Chocolates: A Simple, Ancient Recipe for Shroom Chocolates

Mushroom chocolates are an ancient combination used in Mesoamerican ritual and religious ceremony. Here's our recipe for magic mushroom chocolate.
How To

How to Take Shrooms

Want to know how to take shrooms? Michelle Janikian has everything you need to know.

How Long Do Shrooms Last?

When considering the effects of shrooms, don’t just account for the length of the trip, but the integration period after.
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