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Nutmeg is an Underestimated Psychoactive. Here’s Why.

The subtle power of nutmeg is long overlooked. These recipes help you tune in.
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Mental Health

People From Around the US Flock to Oregon for Legal Psilocybin Therapy Treatments

Hundreds of people are on the waitlist, but only a minority appear to be from Oregon.
Other Psychedelics

How the Sonoran Desert Toad Became an Obsession of Mainstream Psychedelia

Inside a decades-long journey to uncover the sacramental origins of the Bufo alvarius toad—and the powerful psychedelic derived from it
Art + Culture

Ecstatic Dance is a Trip With (or Without) Psychedelics

For advocates, the free-form movement practice offers a way to heal trauma, let go of shame, and come into your own body

2C-I Unveiled—From Research Chemical to Party Psychedelic

We cover the risks and rewards of this mind-bending phenethylamine