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Psychedelic Visuals Are Produced in the Backs of Our Eyeballs, New Theory Suggests

Why do we trip? One neuroscientist out of Maastricht University says our retinas are responsible for the visuals we experience on psychedelics.
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14 of the Very Best Mushroom Memes

Take a moment to laugh with us at the funniest shroom memes from around the (mycelial) web.
How to Grow Mushrooms

Growing Magic Truffles: A Beginner’s Guide 

Once you get your technique down, growing magic truffles is a set-and-forget affair that's much easier than growing Psilocybe cubensis.

California Will Not Legalize Widespread Access to Psychedelic Therapy Any Time Soon

SB1012, the bill to legalize and mainstream psychedelic therapy in California, was axed among hundreds of other initiatives in May.

Congress Officially Supports Psychedelics More Than Cannabis, VA Official Says

"There’s an 'unstoppable narrative' in support of advancing psychedelic medicine, [and] bipartisan support has 'surpassed' that of cannabis," says top VA official.