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10 of the Best Psytrance Artists

Music to help you transcend space and time.

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The genre of psychedelic trance is vast and varied, ranging from gentle synthy songs to dramatic beat-heavy tracks. What they generally have in common is the influence they take from the ‘90s rave scene in Goa, India, where people worldwide would gather to listen to electronic music and use hallucinogens. Goa trance evolved into psychedelic trance, or psytrance, which is known for its fast pace of 150 beats per minute or more and effects that produce warped and trippy sounds. 

If you’re looking for music that helps you transcend space and time, here are 10 great psytrance artists to check out.


American musician KSHMR takes audible influence from his Indian background, incorporating instruments like Sitar into hits like “Invisible Children” with Tigerlily.

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Infected Mushroom

The Israeli duo consisting of Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani is known for incorporating unconventional elements like acoustic guitars and beat changes. True to their name, their music gives off the vibe of a slightly unsettling shroom trip.

Astral Projection

Another Israeli duo (Avi Nissim and Lior Perlmutter), Astral Projection was one of the earliest groups to popularize Goa Trance and has since released nine of the best psytrance albums out there. Their songs are energetic and upbeat, producing a mystical feeling.


With his one-of-a-kind sound, Asher Swissa AKA Skazi is among the best dark psytrance artists. You can hear punk rock influences in intense tracks like “Falling,” but he’s best known for more mainstream hits like “Faded” with Nervo.

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Vini Vici

Originally formed in 2001 as Sesto Sento, Vini Vici has some of the most catchy psytrance songs out there. Consisting of Aviram Saharai and Matan Kadosh, they’ve collaborated with the likes of Armin van Buuren and performed at worldwide festivals like Tomorrowland.


Israeli producer Avi Shmailov AKA Astrix is among the top psytrance DJs. His music stands out for its spiritual motifs and trippy effects, creating transcendent experiences for clubbers around the world. 

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1200 Micrograms

1200 Micrograms is overt about their psychedelic influences, with song titles like “DMT,” “Mescaline,” and “Ecstasy,” utilizing energetic beats and fun vocals samples to create a head-banging atmosphere.


Raja Ram and Simon Posford, aka Hallucinogen, teamed up for this English project that‘s been putting out long, spiritual, contemplative tracks like “Vapour Rumors” and “How the Jellyfish Jumped Up the Mountain” since 1996. 

Younger Brother

Another project of Posford’s, along with British musician Benji Vaughan, Younger Brother stands out for calming songs in which the vocals are the main event. The album Vaccine is full of particularly infectious melodies.

Liquid Soul

The music of Swiss DJ Nicola Capobianco, aka Liquid Soul, hypnotizes the listener. Playing at clubs in Ibiza and festivals like EDC, his music can be described as psychedelic progressive trance, with repeated high-tempo riffs and ethereal, sparkly sounds that help you enter a different dimension.

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