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Ayahuasca Gummies Are Now a Thing

You can find almost any psychedelic in the form of a gummy these days — including ayahuasca, or DMT with an MAOI inhibitor.

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Gummies are perhaps the most congenial way to consume drugs — they’re convenient, discreet, gentle on your body, and usually taste pretty good. Weed gummies, shroom gummies, acid gummies, and even MDMA gummies are flooding the underground drug market right now. But when I recently spotted a photo of ayahuasca gummies circulating around the internet, something about it felt absurd. How the hell is this possible? Who did this? And what happens when you turn an ayahuasca trip — a cosmic rollercoaster typically experienced in a ceremonial setting under a trained shaman — into a casual mid-afternoon treat? 

Photos of the ayahuasca gummies were first posted on the /r/DMT subreddit on May 19 by the user @coonytunes, who runs an underground drug business out of British Columbia, Canada. 

The red and white-colored gummies are stamped with the symbols of runes — an ancient Germanic alphabet believed to have been used for divination, spells, and other forms of magic (and thus fitting for a close encounter with the divine). 

The gummies are ingested in a two-step process: The red gummy contains harmaline, an alkaloid found primarily in the seeds of Syrian rue. Harmaline acts as an MAOI inhibitor, which allows the DMT (the active ingredient in ayahuasca) to become bioavailable; otherwise, our bodies metabolize DMT too quickly for its effects to be noticeable. The white, DMT-containing gummy is then consumed 45 minutes later. 

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I reached out to @coonytunes to find out who this psychedelic Willy Wonka is behind the gummies. Over the phone, she told me that her name is Krista, and she is based in British Columbia, Canada. A former schoolteacher with a science background, she wanted to experiment with making these gummies in order to create a “fun and innovative” way to consume ayahuasca—and provide them to her customers at a much lower price point than it would cost to attend an ayahuasca ceremony in Peru. While her gummy-making method is a bit of a secret, Krista is certainly not the first person to experiment with “pharmahuasca”— a term loosely used to describe extracting DMT and combining it with a natural or synthetic MAOI-inhibitor, instead of drinking the traditional brew. 

After eating the gummy, the trip’s onset is slow, and the experience lasts about 3-8 hours. Each of the DMT gummies contains 50mg DMT, which is the suggested starting dose. 100-150mg could be very intense, and 200mg could cause a blackout and memory loss, she warned. When I asked Krista if she felt it could be irresponsible to offer ayahuasca outside of a ceremonial setting, she said there are risks involved with any drug, especially if you’re not properly educated. So, in addition to providing safety information to her customers, she always recommends a trip sitter.

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“In British Columbia, drugs are decriminalized up to 2.5 grams, and you can have any drug that you want, so why can’t you have ayahuasca or pharmahuasca?” she said. “That’s just the world we live in up here.”

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