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14 of the Very Best Mushroom Memes

Take a moment to laugh with us at the funniest shroom memes from around the (mycelial) web.

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Mushrooms have a good sense of humor. They not only make you see the absurdity of our everyday reality but can also bring out your playful inner child. While shroom trips can be dark, they can also be full of giggle fits—and there are many laughs to be had about mushrooms, even while sober.

Not everything has to be serious; take a minute to laugh and look at the assortment of mushroom memes the internet has compiled about these amazing and amusing fungi. 

The gang’s all here!

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A situation one can hopefully avoid through proper planning and attention to set and setting — but many of us have been there nonetheless.

Does anyone sense a new political party in the works?

Enter level three at your own peril. 

Wait, have I been saying it wrong all along?

Just to make this list extra meta.

I mean, what else is there to do?

An inner dialogue that’s familiar to many a psychonaut. Too bad it doesn’t always come with the animals. 

You know you’ve taken a heroic dose when the trees start talking back. 

Sorry, mom and dad. The mushrooms have called to me.

Mess around with mushroom field guides at your own risk. 

Yet another reason to measure out your dose carefully and enlist a trip sitter! 

I, for one, LOVE this game. 

The mycelium must spread!

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