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Top Games to Play High (and Actually Have Fun)

Laughter. Tomfoolery. Benevolent havoc. Get ready for a wholesome good time.

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People get together all the time to share relaxing or mind-expanding experiences, and what better opportunity to play a game than with a group of like-minded people (or at the very least, people who are all in similar moods). While Monopoly or poker may be your game of choice sober, when enjoying the effects of psychoactives, there are a few things to keep in mind when picking the perfect game.

Best Games to Play High

Laughter. Tomfoolery. Benevolent havoc. People alter their state of mind for many different reasons, but there is one thing that is important not to underestimate: Fun. Joy and fun can be healing. They can offer a needed reprieve from the weight of the daily grind. Laughter can help bring us together and find connection. So, find yourself in the right set and setting. We’ve found the best games for a wholesome good time:

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Games that are cooperative

On psychedelics especially, people tend to feel a communal experience, so take advantage of that with games that promote teams or group-play over individual turns. It’s a way to keep things moving and circumvents the type of competition that can lead to people feeling angry or left out.

Games that keep it light

If a heightened experience is to be had, try and keep it a positive one since your imagination may be much more suggestible in an altered state. Shelve the dark and violent stuff and look for games that evoke a sense of curiosity and creativity.

Card games

Photo Depicting Card Deck Face Down from Cards Against Humanity
Cards Against Humanity

The classic card game suggestion here is Cards Against Humanity, which is a great choice for a group game where everyone gets to play every time. Plus, silly, wacky, and nonsensical answers all work in this game, often to the player’s advantage … especially when high. Uno is another favorite that works well when players might be intoxicated—the instructions are on the cards. 

Mystery games

Image Depicting Close Up Shot of Person Winking
Wink Murder Party Game

Clue can be fun when stoned, especially if you happen to have friends with a dramatic flair who take their turn as detective very seriously. If people are feeling active there’s always the Murder or Wink Murder party game, where one person is secretly made a “killer” and either taps other players on the shoulder (sometimes with the lights out) or winks at them to “murder” them. Then, much like real-life Clue, the other players try to figure out who did it. 

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Celebrity isn’t as much of a mystery, but a guessing game that involves putting a card with a celebrity name on players’ foreheads and then asking one another yes/no questions to try and guess your celebrity. You can play this game with other people or things and even use your phones to play the app-version, Heads Up, which is like a mashup of this with charades and has plenty of categories.

Party games

Image Depicting Person with 5 Fingers Extended
Never Have I Ever

The best games to play high are probably the ones where you don’t even have to worry about pieces, and can just play. (Some of these games do have boards and sets you can buy, but you don’t need them). The middle school classic Never Have I Ever is a common suggestion, but less useful in a group of people who already know one another well. Charades and Pictionary are both blasts from the past that can lead to some hilarious and enlightening performances and art pieces from friends.

Games on screens

There was a time when MarioKart was the game to have at a party and it’s still a great time, high or not. But if you don’t happen to have a video game console lying around, JackBox is a great hub for multiplayer games that can be played with a TV and players’ phones. With unique graphics and design, it’s like elevated bar trivia that is just right for a group seeking a little fun competition without any complicated gameplay.

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Worst Games to Play While Tripping

Not everything is all fun and games. While under the influence, it can be harder to sustain attention. Many mind-altering substances impact your memory—at least temporarily—so it can be difficult to follow-through when playing certain kinds of games. Plus, some games are more dangerous to play in an altered state of mind. Here are some of the worst games to play while tripping:

Games with too many complicated rules or accounting systems

Image Depicting Multiple Shaped Dice

While some people can launch a successful campaign in a role-playing game with multiple characters, languages, and many-sided dice while high as a kite, for many this is not the time to test short-term memory or recall. Additionally, having too many rules or runes (or tokens, or cards) to keep track of is just asking for the one die-hard rule follower in the group to take on the role of checking the instructions every turn and ruining the vibe.

Games that last too long

Yes, we just mentioned short attention spans (we didn’t forget), which are a main reason to avoid any game that lasts hours. The other reason is because highs tend to change as time goes on and you don’t want to be stuck halfway through a game when the mood no longer matches. So pick a game to play that matches where people are at and be ready to move on or switch it up when the energetic high turns to a relaxed stoned or the exploratory trip turns into something more introspective.

Hide and seek

Careful! Don’t get lost! It’s easy to get distracted while under the influence—especially when you’re outside, surrounded by an endlessly dazzling natural landscape. The perfect hiding spot might turn into an hour laying in behind a thicket. And playing the role of the seeker can be difficult, too: Don’t be surprised if you forget what you’re supposed to be doing right in the middle of your search. 

Water Games 

Image Depicting Clear Blue Water

Pools and swimming aren’t advisable activities while tripping—or when intoxicated in general. The state of Oregon actually bans psilocybin service centers from having pools. Because many psychoactive substances distort your reality, it can sometimes be difficult to understand situations that might be dangerous, like looking for something at the bottom of a pool. While it can be beautiful to be near water while journeying, it’s important to have a sober sitter around to help prevent accidents. 

In Summary

Playing games while high is the perfect way to take advantage of the sense of openness and fun that can come with altering your mind. Try some of these next time and see where they take you—epic game nights and the stories that come with them await.

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