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Education                                 +                                 Community                                 +                                 Connection                                 +                                 Journeys                                 +           
Education                                 +                                 Community                                 +                                 Connection                                 +                                 Journeys                                 +           
Education + Community + Connection + Journeys + Education + Community + Connection + Journeys +
Education + Community + Connection + Journeys + Education + Community + Connection + Journeys +
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Have you had your life changed by psychedelics and now want to become more involved?
Have you heard incredible things about psychedelics, but don’t know where to start?
Are you feeling called inward and looking for an accessible way to journey in your home?

The good news is: you’re in the right place.

It’s an exciting time in psychedelics. MDMA and psilocybin are projected to be legal for prescription in the next five years. More than 100 cities and counties are looking to decriminalize psychedelics on the local level. If you’ve been deeply touched by psychedelics and now want to learn more about them and build community, the DoubleBlind membership program is for you.

The DoubleBlind membership program is the definitive resource online for psychedelic education, workshops, consciousness-shifting journeys, integration circles, and community building. It connects you with others online and in person who are passionate about psychedelics and offers trusted psychedelic education, available nowhere else on the internet. It also comes with access to our favorite plant medicine practitioners—to help guide you, in community, through powerful, accessible virtual journeys such as breathwork and cannabis ceremonies. Our intention is to give you the tools you need to prepare for, navigate, and process your plant medicine experiences—as well as to go inward, in a supportive environment. Through the membership, you’ll go deep into your own path with psychedelics, learn how to support others with psychedelics, and help the psychedelic movement grow.

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This one-of-a-kind membership includes access to the world’s leading psychedelic experts through intimate online debates, virtual workshops and ceremonies with DoubleBlind’s resident facilitators, a private forum to connect with other members of the DoubleBlind community in your city and around the world, a library of dozens of educational videos only available to members, a subscription to our print magazine, 50% off on all of our psychedelic courses, and access to all of our monthly webinars, featuring experts such as Paul Stamets, Michael Pollan, Dennis McKenna, James Fadiman, and many many more.

All of the proceeds from the membership will go directly back to funding DoubleBlind’s independent journalism, to help destigmatize psychedelics and provide free harm reduction resources to hundreds of thousands of people each month.

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"DoubleBlind is The Master Class of Psychedelics"

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Who DoubleBlind+ is For

Psychedelic Newbies

Are you curious about tripping, but also nervous about it? Have you tripped less than a dozen times, but feel you could get more out of it with some direction and support? Have you tripped, but not for many decades and now want to get back into it? The membership program will provide you with all the tools you need to feel supported: a beautiful, kind community to answer your questions, monthly exclusive access to DoubleBlind’s co-founders and experts over Zoom, and a library of dozens of videos on psychedelics for trauma, anxiety, healing romantic relationships, healing family dynamics, and more.

Psychedelic Professionals

Are you interested in working in psychedelics? Are you already working in psychedelics as a coach, therapist, entrepreneur, lawyer, teacher or some other professional and looking to connect with others? Our monthly fireside chats will include critical, nuanced dialogues about important issues within the psychedelic community. Our community forum will provide a way for you to connect and build with other professionals online and in your city. Our library of dozens of exclusive videos also includes information for professionals and aspiring professionals on trip sitting, holding space for others, becoming a psychedelic therapist, and more.

Psychedelic Supporters & Advocates

Have you had your life changed by psychedelics and now want to give back? Through a directory of our members (participation is optional for those who want to remain anonymous), you’ll be able to connect and build with other advocates in your area. All of the proceeds from this program will go back to DoubleBlind’s impact-oriented initiatives, including our scholarships for our courses and our independent journalism. Our journalism provides free harm reduction education on psychedelics to hundreds of thousands of people each month. We vow to never have a paywall over our articles, and to pay everyone we work with.

DoubleBlind+ at a Glance

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What Our Community is Saying

What's Included

Over the last two years, our webinars have been attended by more than 10,000 people. Each month, these webinars feature trusted researchers, psychedelic therapists, healers, mycologists, journalists, anthropologists, and other thought leaders. These conversations are driven by your needs and desires: If you want to learn about it, we’re going to plan a webinar about it. They’ve covered how to become a psychedelic therapist with Dr. Ingmar Gorman, psychedelics for anxiety with Dr. Charles Grob, psychedelics and storytelling with journalist Michael Pollan, DMT and spirit entities with Dr. Rick Strassman, and more.

Each month, our members gather for a powerful virtual journey with some of our favorite facilitators in plant medicine. We host experiences intended to alter your consciousness—such as breathwork and cannabis ceremonies—to help you go deep within yourself to find joy, grounding, and connectivity. We also gather for integration circles where we can share and process our psychedelic experiences in community.

The number one thing that you’ve told us you want is a way to build community around psychedelics. Through our membership, you’ll be able to do that. Whether you live in California, Germany, Australia or beyond, you’ll be able to build meaningful relationships with others who share your passions and goals within psychedelics. As opposed to a forum like Reddit, you’ll have the added safety of knowing that our team is there to moderate the conversations and uphold DoubleBlind’s values within the group. At DoubleBlind, critical dialogue is welcome, intolerance is not. 

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How to Grow Shrooms Bundle

Take Both of Our Courses and Save $90!

Access videos with Dr. K Mandrake on how to cook with psilocybin, Paul Stamets on mushrooms and ecology, Alex and Allyson Grey on visionary art, Dr. Jeff Becker and Dr. Will Siu on ketamine therapy, Dr. Anne Wagner on psychedelics and healing relationships, Dr. Julie Holland on psychedelics for trauma, Rick Doblin on the future of psychedelics, Laura Mae Northrup on psychedelics for sexual trauma, Charlie Morley on how to lucid dream, and much more. Our library will be updated every month with new, original video content so there will always be more to watch and more to learn.

How you prepare for your trip and how you make sense of it once it’s over are just as important as the trip itself. We’re including guided meditations by mindfulness teacher Nate MacCanian, a breathwork session with Ellen Wong, and a sound bath with Dynasty Electrik to serve as invaluable tools before, during, and after your trips.

We have enrolled and graduated more than 4000 students from our courses. They come with a 14-day money back guarantee and are rated 4.5 out of five stars by our students, who consistently give rave reviews of our curriculums and teachers. Our How to Grow Mushrooms courses teach you everything you need to know to set up your own DIY shroom grow at home. They come with exclusive, one-on-one access to DoubleBlind’s team of mycologists and a supply list, including where to buy spores. Our microdose course teaches you how to pick your substance for microdosing, how to find your sweet spot dose, how to optimize your microdosing routine, information on risks and contraindications, and more. Our microdose course comes with email access to our educator Adam Bramlage who will answer all of your burning questions.

Looking to connect with people who are passionate about psychedelics? Community is an incredibly important part of the psychedelic journey—especially after having had a profound experience. Our directory will give you the chance to let other members of our community know where you live, what you might like to offer the community, and what you’re looking for so you can begin to build your network and, potentially, psychedelic business.

Our print magazine comes out in June and December. It features dozens of articles by leading journalists who contribute to The New York Times, The Atlantic, and The Guardian, among many others. It includes poetry, original photography and art, and articles on psychedelics, Indigenous wisdom, the climate crisis, psychedelic science and drug development, LGBTQIA+ liberation, and much more.

As a member, each month you’ll get a roundup of exclusive offerings: our webinars, members-only expert interviews, and new video content that’s been added to the membership library.

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Journey With Us

Looking to go inward in community? Looking to alter your consciousness with support and from the safety of your own home?

We’ve partnered with our favorite plant medicine practitioners (seriously!) to provide our members with monthly virtual journeys. Our resident facilitators include Ellen Wong, who offers deep breathwork experiences; Skye Weaver, who hosts cannabis ceremonies (if you smoke weed but have never done a cannabis ceremony get ready to be amazed!); and Ido Cohen and Deanna Rogers, who offer integration circles for reconnecting with your psychedelic experiences and processing them. There’s a lot of coaches and practitioners out there these days, which is why we feel so passionately about platforming people who we trust.

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discord testimonial

In addition to our resident facilitators, we also have guest facilitators host workshops for our members, on everything from meditation and sound baths to processing through art and storytelling. At DoubleBlind, we want to support people in truly transforming their lives and, for us, that means not only educating people on how to use psychedelics, but giving them the tools they need to properly incorporate those lessons into their lives. Our facilitators will show you how to tap back into the powerful lessons from your journeys, through techniques you can do anytime on your own, once you know how.

Meet Our Resident Facilitators

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Deanna Rogers

Integration Circle Facilitator

Deanna Rogers has been working with plant medicines for over the last decade for personal healing and discovery. She has worked with the Temple of the Way of Light, The Integration Circle, and has run her own private practice for the last five years. She has worked in this field for the last ten years and has supported hundreds of people with many aspects of plant medicine and psychedelic experiences including applicant assessment, program design, preparation, retreat facilitation, group processing, and integration support, and has run several psychedelic harm reduction focused consultation groups for healthcare professionals. 

Ido Cohen

Integration Circle Facilitator

Dr. Ido Cohen serves individuals, couples and groups in San Francisco. He received his Psy.D from the California Institute of integral studies and trained at the Jung Institute In San Francisco. He works with a diverse range of challenges childhood trauma, inner critic, relational issues, lack of fulfillment, psychospiritual growth as well as integration and preparation sessions with individuals and groups. His doctoral study researched the integration process of Ayahuasca ceremonies, while applying Jungian psychology to better understand how to support individuals in their process of change and transformation. He is the founder of “The Integration Circle” and facilitates workshops on the different dimensions of integration and the intersection of mental health, spiritual health and the entheogenic experience. Ido believes that the intersection of our psychological, emotional, somatic and spiritual dimensions can develop our relationship with our inner world and create the changes we want to see in our life. Ido is passionate in supporting individuals to create long term, sustainable change leading to vibrant, authentic, expressive and love filled lives.

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Ellen Wong

Breathwork Facilitator

I’m a breathwork and medicine journey guide based in both Downtown Los Angeles and Idyllwild, a mountain town in the San Jacinto Mountains 111 miles east of my Los Angeles home. I am also the cofounder of We Are All Daughters. and the Woo Knew. Podcast)

In April 2018, I leaped alongside from my career as an executive creative director in digital marketing to co-create We Are All Daughters with my business partner, Samantha Williams. What began as a soul-care company with a mission to help professional women “feel better” transformed into a quantum holistic healing space in 2020. Our mission is to support collective healing through synergistic energetic therapies and entheogenic medicine guidance and education, liberating us from trauma patterns and limiting defensive beliefs from patriarchal colonization. 

We launched the Woo Knew. Podcast in 2019, inspired to share our transformational healing journeys as we explore the world of energy healing, consciousness, and the mysteries of our Universe. I consider it part of my calling to platform BIPOC voices in the healing + wellness space and psychedelic movement.

In August 2019, I received my certification as a Breathwork guide from Jon Paul Crimi and learned sound healing through Michelle Berc’s Sonic Being program.

I spent 2020-2021 learning core shamanic and animistic practices through a 1.5 year long mystery mentorship program with shamanic practitioner Mimi Young, exploring shamanic journeying and tarot, psychic development, Chaos Magick, plant spirit healing and ancient Chinese mysticism.

In 2021, I completed a Psychedelic Sitters Intensive program with Daniel McQueen, author of “Psychedelic Cannabis: Breaking the Gate” and founder of The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness. I explored mediumship through a 6-week program with Nelly Reznik. I dove into a year-long reiki program with Marika Clymer, who teaches decolonized reiki through the traditional Japanese energetic framework and animistic lens.

In 2022, I am participating in the Transpersonal Energy Healing Coaching Certification Program and the Microdosing Institute’s 6-week Microdosing Program.

With my background in design and music, shamanic healing, and relationship with entheogenic medicines, my journey work offerings blend breathwork, music and sound healing, guided visualization and Transpersonal Energy Healing. Through this work, my clients reconnect to the wisdom of their bodies and reparent their inner children and adolescents. By opening the portal to their subconscious and traveling to quantum imaginal spaces, I empower them to tap into their own healing abilities, facing childhood traumas and releasing the energetic blockages from their body.

Being a Shandong/Taiwanese-American cisgendered woman, my heart is most called to serve the BIPOC community and Asian women/femmes in healing our ancestral and intergenerational wounds. I created MOTHEROOT specifically with this intention. My hope is for this virtual circle to expand into in-person circles and intimate small-group journeys with the Sacred Mushroom.

I acknowledge with gratitude the Tongva and Cahuilla ancestral lands upon which I reside and heal, and my ancestral lineages extending to Taiwan and China.

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Skye Weaver

Cannabis Ceremony Facilitator

Skye Weaver is an earth medicine mentor, psychedelic self-care specialist, and entheogenic advocate supporting the international medicine community through mentorship, education, and ceremony. Her work is the weaving and re-membering of the many pieces of the Self back into integral wholeness. Skye offers coaching and mentorship in integral medicine practices, living in right-relationship with all things, nervous system regulation, and sacred self-care practices. She hosts community psychedelic integration circles twice a month through InnerSpace Integration and the Aware Project to support the community in the spaces between Ceremonies.

Skye also founded NOT a Shaman School, an in-depth, experiential training for new and seasoned journeyers who feel called to practice integral medicine work and learn guardianship and facilitation skills. She hosts CannAbyss, a legal, above-ground cannabis practice for people interested in exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness in a safe, legal and navigable way. In addition to her 11+ years walking the medicine path, Skye trained at the Hakomi Institute of California (Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy) and with the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness (PSS1-3, Psychedelic First Aid/CPR and DMTx) where she is now on the leadership team and helps co-facilitate trainings and retreats. Learn more about her work on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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It’s true—there is a lot of free information about psychedelics, but it’s not all trusted. Please be careful about what you read online about psychedelics. Also, the membership isn’t just about education and information—it’s about connection. We will provide you with unique opportunities to have meaningful conversations with experts and other members of the psychedelic community. Lastly, if you believe in us and our work, become a member to support us. We’re a small, independent, impact-oriented business and your membership will go directly back to the scholarships for our courses and to funding the free harm reduction education we provide to hundreds of thousands of people each month. 

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About three years ago, we decided to do something crazy: We started a magazine at a time when even the largest magazines and media companies were cutting staff and going out of business. We did it because we believed in it—deeply. We believe in the value of good journalism. And we believe in the extraordinary potential of psychedelics to reduce suffering. In that time, we’ve been humbled to watch our monthly readers grow to hundreds of thousands of people each month, from around the world. We’ve vowed to never have a paywall over our articles, because we want everyone to have access to the information they need to heal. We’ve also vowed to pay everyone we work with, to always be available via email and social media to support our community for free, and to offer scholarships for all our courses and webinars. Every dollar from the membership program will go directly back towards making that possible.

— Shelby Hartman

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At DoubleBlind, we do our best to price things so that they’re accessible while also being able to cover our costs as a small, independent, impact-oriented business. We like the spirit of the sliding scale, because it enables people to pay more, if they can afford to and would like to support our work. Regardless of whether you pay the minimum or the maximum, you will receive the same offerings. The extra money just goes to subsidize some of our other offerings, like the scholarships for our courses and our journalism.