11 of the Best Quotes About Tripping and Nature

Tripping in nature is like getting a crash course in cosmic wonder.

5 Trance Genres That Will Hypnotize Your Mind and Stimulate Your Soul

Get lost in hypnotizing beats, long buildups, and cathartic drops.

7 of the Trippiest Novels to Ever Grace the Page

Kickstart a magical evening with the power of prose.

10 of the Most Thought-Provoking DMT Quotes

“People say: is there risk to DMT? It sounds so intense. Is it dangerous? The answer is: yes, it's tremendously dangerous; the danger is the possibility of death by astonishment."

Elon Musk and Rep. Dan Crenshaw Take Public Stand Against Critics of MDMA-Assisted Therapy

The tech tycoon and GOP congressman took to X to publicly oppose researchers and academics who are critical of the MAPS/Lykos MDMA therapy model.

Notes From the Underground Mushroom Market

In the long shadow of federal prohibition, a market for psychedelic shroom products is flourishing—and it’s rife with counterfeits and adulterants.

Warning: Don’t Take the Nazi Molly

Nazi-stamped pills are circulating in Europe’s party scene, a trend coinciding with an uptick in far-right political beliefs among the region’s youth.

7 TV Shows to Watch During Your Next Trip

Whether it’s on in the background or it’s the main event, a TV show can make or break a shroom sesh. 

10 Great Sources of Art to Pair With Psychedelic Mushrooms

Next time you find yourself lost in a psychedelic trip, gaze upon this art inspired by the colorful, vibrant world of mushrooms.

Major Streaming Service Under Fire for Spreading Misinformation About Ayahuasca Retreat Death

Despite a lawsuit proving its inaccuracy, a Netflix docuseries featuring Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth continues to air false information about a participant's death.

10 Unique (and Beautiful) Tarot Decks to Refresh Your Divination Practice

The history of tarot goes back centuries, but these creative tarot decks are decidedly modern.

10 of the Best Psytrance Artists

Music to help you transcend space and time.

The Western Medical Model for Psychedelics Is Built on Cultural Erasure

We interviewed Susan Beaulieu, a member of the Red Lake Nation, about how the medical model producing psychedelic medicine for therapy is largely built on the erasure of Indigenous cultures.

Mushrooms Are Everyone’s Favorite Psychedelic, According to Data

The RAND Corporation reports that psilocybin mushrooms are overwhelmingly the most popular psychedelic, followed by MDMA in second place and LSD in third.

Singing to Plants Is a Psychedelic Practice

Plant whisperer Paige Emery on her new album 'Intercommunications,' out now on Leaving Records.

7 of the Best Books About Witchcraft

If witchcraft intrigues you, you may want to check out these great books about its ancient yet intriguingly varied and modern practices.

24 of the Best Psytrance Songs

If you’re new to the psytrance genre, here are a few songs that highlight the best of what it has to offer.

Ayahuasca Gummies Are Now a Thing

You can find almost any psychedelic in the form of a gummy these days — including ayahuasca, or DMT with an MAOI inhibitor.

Meow Wolf Is Opening a Meta Movie Theater in LA

The anarchic art collective is bringing its next surreal dream world to life inside a Los Angeles movie theater.

Did Viking Berserkers Take Magic Mushrooms?

A scientific look into the tale that Viking berserkers used magic mushrooms to achieve feats of near-godlike strength.

14 of the Very Best Mushroom Memes

Take a moment to laugh with us at the funniest shroom memes from around the (mycelial) web.

The Playful History of Tarot

The history of tarot cards dates back many centuries, but they weren't widely used for fortunetelling until more recently.

7 Best Psytrance Festivals in 2024

A list of the best outdoor psytrance festivals across the world, where attendees find solace and connection amid pulsating psychedelic basslines.

87% of Music Festival Goers Plan to Use Drugs in 2024

A recently updated study shows that cannabis, psychedelics, and cocaine are the drugs of choice among music festival-goers.

15 Best Works of Psychedelic Art from the 1960s

Psychedelic art from the 1960s was political, aesthetically striking, and remains influential in today's cultural landscape.

A Guide to Raving in Ibiza With (or Without) Psychedelic Drugs

People from all over the world flock to Ibiza for world-class DJs, drugs, and spiritual connection.

The Chronicles of Tom Lane: A Psychedelic Hillbilly

From sitting in ceremony with Maria Sabina and knowing how to conjure the Quetzalcoatl, Tom Lane is the keeper of psychedelic lore.

Explaining the Mystery of Sacred Geometry

From the mandala to fractals, people across cultures have given spiritual significance to repetitive patterns for millennia. But is there an explanation?

Men Need Healing Circles, Too

Inside the growing movement of men building community to help each other heal from personal and societal trauma.

Songwriter Indigo De Souza Credits Macrodosing for Inspiring Her Craft

We caught up with the North Carolina-based indie-rock star about the power of psilocybin to channel creativity, work through trauma, and overcome the fear of death. 

Visiting the Dark Side of the Moon

The Texas Eclipse Festival was an exploration of psychedelics, awe, and what it means to integrate our shadow selves in totality.

5 Drug Highs That Define the Grateful Dead’s Legacy

From a birthday cake laced with 800 hits of LSD to writing "Touch of Grey" after a night of railing lines, here are some of the Grateful Dead's most iconic drug moments.

Ancient Romans Used to Trip on Hallucinogenic Seeds, Archeologists Say

A recent discovery of seeds hidden in a container made out of bone gives archeologists a clue about how Ancient Romans used psychedelics.

Encyclopedia of the Amazon

Matsés land covers 3,800 square miles of the Amazon. That's over a trillion sq ft of jungle and more than 1,000 medicinal plants they live in relationship with. And now, the knowledge of the land is documented in an encyclopedia.

Best Movies To Watch On Acid

Tune in and fall into the void

Acid Gel Tabs Were Cool Once—But WTF Are They?

Acid gel tabs were popular characters in LSD stories of ‘ol. We asked hippies to share their memories. (And some harm reduction experts, too.)

How a Supreme Court Ruling Made Blotter Paper Beloved Among Acid Dealers Everywhere

Ever wondered why paper tabs are the most common delivery method for LSD? We broke down a 1991 US Supreme Court ruling that made it this way.

The Eclipse Is Upon Us

This solar eclipse in Aries comes on the heels of a lunar eclipse in Libra. But what does it all mean? Astrologer Sarah Potter breaks it down.

How Coachella Became Coachella

Coachella is turning 25 this year. We took a trip through the archives and spoke with a festival diehard to see how it became one of the largest festivals in the world.

How to Mend a Fractured Spirit

A journalist explores the history and healing of soul retrieval, an age-old practice with tangled interpretations

The Ultimate Music Festival Essentials List

A music journalist covers how to thrive this season

A Brief History of the Huautla Mushroom—and Why it Matters

This mushroom is named after the town María Sabina lived in—but we shouldn't forget it's history.

Top Games to Play High (and Actually Have Fun)

Laughter. Tomfoolery. Benevolent havoc. Get ready for a wholesome good time.

Alice Coltrane’s Journey to Satchidananda

When John Coltrane died in 1967, his wife Alice plunged into a crisis of the soul. Instead of crumbling, she looked inward and emerged with an album of timeless resonance and mystery.

Here Are the Best Places to Rave in the World

Find sweat-soaked dance floors in all corners of the world

We Found the Trippiest Video Games—and They’re All Awesome

From tripping characters to Norse psychedelic mythology, these game developers definitely dosed on something

Here Are the Largest Electronic Music Festivals on Planet Earth

Get ready for a new season of kick drums and sweat-induced enlightenment

Lessons From the Coca Plant

How a humble green leaf changed once it became a powder and turned into a global party phenomenon.

These 6 Mushroom Festivals Will Expand Your Mind

From the mountains of Colorado to the valleys of Bhutan, DoubleBlind gives you the best mushroom festivals around the world—where you can learn, dine, trip, and forage to your heart’s content.

New Mexico Is a Psychedelic Hologram of Ancient Origins and People

A poetic reflection on the psychedelic history of New Mexico, involving White Sands National Monument, Juniper trees, and a familial lineage of hippies who moved to the Land of Enchantment in the ‘60s.

The Best Acid Trip Playlist

Sit back and tune it. We've found the best psychedelic sounds—plus a little history, too

Super Bowl Songwriter Mazie Credits LSD with Changing the Trajectory of Her Life

At the dawn of the 2020s, this young Baltimore songwriter dropped acid for the first time, moved to LA with a bunch of her friends, and then wrote a hit song that later appeared in a Super Bowl ad. She talks with DoubleBlind about her bold explorations of plant medicines and psychedelic pop.

This Flower Was Once Called the Scariest in the World—But Why? An Exploration of Sacred Datura.

Meet the plant that produces one of the most powerful and controversial botanical compounds.

Pablo Amaringo Drank Ayahuasca at 10 Years Old, Then Ushered In a Global Art Tradition

Peruvian artist Pablo Amaringo’s colorful life highlights the interwoven relationship between art, ayahuasca, and the rainforest.

Snow Raven Sings Like the Animals Do 

DoubleBlind met up with Siberian singer Snow Raven to discuss how she embodies birds, reindeer, and other wild beasts from the Arctic—all in the name of bringing the shamanic sounds of the Sakha people to the world.

Writer Carlo McCormick Brought New York City’s Psychedelic Art Scene to the World

In the 1980s NYC art scene, art critic Carlo McCormick championed psychedelic artists, defying mainstream norms and the War on Drugs.

Tripping on LSD in Isolation Tanks and Talking to Dolphins

Dismissed as a madman and revered as a genius, John C. Lilly is perhaps one of the most far-out researchers to ever experiment with psychedelics.

Preparing For Death With the Guidance of Psychedelics

Psychedelics give us an opportunity to integrate meaningful rituals into our symbolic—and literal—relationships with death.

Exploring the Cultural and Healing Traditions of the Huni Kuin

The Huni Kuin people of the Brazilian Amazon are dedicated to preserving—and sharing—their culture for one main reason: Spreading the messages of the rainforest.

How to Learn Portuguese While Drinking Ayahuasca

Incubus lead singer Brandon Boyd sits down with DoubleBlind to discuss out-of-body experiences, dream-time songwriting, and the omnipresent nature of God—even in the mundane.

Nutmeg is an Underestimated Psychoactive. Here’s Why.

The subtle power of nutmeg is long overlooked. These recipes help you tune in.

How the Sonoran Desert Toad Became an Obsession of Mainstream Psychedelia

Inside a decades-long journey to uncover the sacramental origins of the Bufo alvarius toad—and the powerful psychedelic derived from it

Ecstatic Dance is a Trip With (or Without) Psychedelics

For advocates, the free-form movement practice offers a way to heal trauma, let go of shame, and come into your own body

Inside Shroom Rave: An Experiment in Reimagining How We Gather and Process Grief

A journey into the vortex of R&R—an investigation in what it means to commune

A Journey Into New York’s Jewish Psychedelic Counterculture and the Hasidic Underground

Madison Margolin’s book Exile & Ecstasy explores the connection between Jewish and psychedelic worlds

The Heirs to a Vault of Novel Psychedelics Take a Trip Into the Unknown

The psychedelic chemist Alexander “Sasha” Shulgin left behind more than 500 psychedelic compounds. A research institute continuing his legacy is scouring the collection for overlooked gems

Meet the Influential, Innovative, and Disruptive Women in Psychedelics

Take a journey with us as we explore the future of the psychedelics community.

This Legal Psychoactive Plant Enhances Dreaming—But Will We Protect It?

Calea zacatechichi (Mexican Dream Herb) can inspire vivid lucid dreams. But, some worry a changing environment and overharvesting may threaten plant traditions.

Ravers—Meet the Top House Vocalists of All Time

House is the heartbeat of rave culture. Vocals are the invitation to ascension.

The Best Psychedelic Festivals Around the World

From psytrance to country fairs, find psychedelic gatherings wherever you are

This Book on Non-Human Intelligence Was Co-Written by AI

K Allado-McDowell in conversation with Erik Davis about a new fictionalized autobiography on artists, shamans, and machines

The Mystery of the Dream-Inducing Plants of Ancient Iran

Meet the powerful psychoactive plants known as oneirogens

Traditional Healers Are Growing Old Without Successors

In Northeast Poland, they're called Whisperers. Will their traditions become a lost art?

Drugs and the Making of the Modern Mind

The neglected history of 19th century drug use

Leonardo Carrato’s Photographs of An Indigenous “Reformatory” Remind Us Of Brazil’s Oppressive Past—and Present

These intimate and eerie images bring light to a history too often ignored, and the people who remember

This Saudi Woman is Creating Psychedelic Community in the Arab World

In the Arab world, psychedelics are considered “haram,” or forbidden. Haya Al-Hejailan is working to reframe them as medicines.

Meet Shroom Mom, LA’s Most Fabulous Drug Dealer

Trust us: You’ve never met anyone like her

Kava and Kratom: A Story of How Two Plants Became Entangled in the Extremes of Western Culture and Policy

Kava and kratom have been consumed for centuries by other cultures—so why aren’t more people taking these powerful plants?

Understanding our Present Moment Means Coming Awake to Our Grief

Grief rituals can help us cope with the pain of modern times.

Melissa Etheridge on Her Transformative Plant Medicine Experiences and Embracing Her “True Self”

After decades of playing on the road and making hits, the iconic singer-songwriter turns her attention to destigmatizing psychedelics

Sex and Psychedelics is a Hot Topic—Here’s Why

A recap of the juiciest conversation at Psychedelic Science

The (Very) Best Terence McKenna Quotes

"The message of psychedelics is that culture can be re-engineered as a set of emotional and spiritual values rather than products. This is terrifying news."

The Great Cosmic Joke—Are You In On It?

Psychonauts often wax poetic about the mystical experience—but is laughter the true gateway to transcendence?

The Greatest Psychedelic Novel You’ve Never Heard Of

Counterculture rebel Richard Fariña died on the cusp of fame. His only novel remains essential reading for literary psychonauts with a penchant for the absurd

Natural Bath Salts? The Twisted History of the Plant That Produces Cathinone

The natural source of cathinone—better known as bath salts—is an East African plant. Its story is a perplexing one, entangled in the War on Drugs and the War on Terror.

There are More Spaces Than Ever for Queer Folks to Do Psychedelics—Here’s a Few

From ayahuasca retreats to integration circles, there’s a growing number of LGBTQIA+ psychedelic offerings—but cost and access remain barriers

Shane Norte Hosts 12-Gram Mushroom Ceremonies on La Jolla Reservation Land

He's welcomed dozens to his family's space, including many veterans, for free

Magical Mushroom Puns for Every Occasion

Did you hear the joke about fungus?  You won’t like it at first, but it’ll grow on you.

Poets Gerd Stern, Allen Ginsberg, and Carl Solomon Influenced a Generation of Psychedelic Counterculture—They Met in a Psychiatric Hospital

Stern recounts the poets’ chance meeting, which sparked life-long friendships and creative camaraderie

Why Connecting to the Earth May Be a Vital Part of Psychedelic Healing

Tripping is great and all, but don’t forget to put your feet in the soil

You Can Now Join Psychedelic Communities All Over the World

Wondering where to find the others? You’re in luck.

From Peyote to Yoko Ono, Inside the Many Surreal Lives of One New York Building

64 East 7th Street was home to Allen Ginsberg and the Beats, a mysterious commune, a bookstore frequented by Patti Smith, and much more

These Tender, Surreal Dioramas are a Study of Psychedelic Love

In Toby Pikelin's psychedelic dioramas, love is in the detail: the beer, the mess, the detritus

The Trippiest Movies in Psychedelic Cinema

These films have us trippin'—and we love it

The Trippiest Cartoons Over the Ages

These animators were definitely on something

The Absurd History of Smoking Banana Peels

The "hoax" that tricked federal officials, the FDA, mainstream newspapers—and countless psychonauts seeking a fruitful trip

Author Liara Roux Talks Sex, Psychedelics, and Her Spiritual Journey

A provocative conversation on using plant medicines to come into our sexuality, learning to listen to ourselves, and whether psychedelics really need to be regulated

Pro Fighter Ian McCall Opens Up About Psychedelics for Traumatic Brain Injury

Testimonies from professional athletes are opening doors to new realms of psychedelic potential

The Best Psychedelic Albums Through the Ages

“Classic” psychedelic rock emerged in the ’60s and ’70s, but there’s oh-so-much more.

East Forest on Why the Answers to Our Future Are Already Within Us

We are at a pivotal time in history—and there’s more opportunity in this moment than we realize 

Psychedelic Legend Amanda Feilding is Turning 80—And Her Retreats are Open for Business

After 57 Years, psilocybin retreats are finally a reality for the most influential woman in psychedelic science.

Blue Lotus Flower: Smoking, Tea & More

Meet the legal entheogen for stress and relaxation—and maybe a lucid dream or two

The Multidimensional Worlds of Mariela de la Paz

This Chilean-born painter explores her ancestral lineage, the spirit world, and all that glimmers in between

Amsterdam’s Last Shroom Lounge

People have been tripping here under the radar for almost two decades.

Best Psychedelic Gifts for Every Occasion

So, you're shopping for a psychonaut. Don't worry—we've got you.

The Best Psychedelic Songs of All Time

From medicine music to trippy rock classics, these are the best tracks to tune into when you’re on a journey

Why Humans Have Always Been Fascinated by Snakes—From Ayahuasceros to Egyptians

There are few animals as frightening and as fascinating as the snake. So why exactly have we obsessed over them for 70,000 years?

57 Greatest Psychedelic Quotes Celebrating Science, Spirit—and A Little Mischief 

"Drugs allow us to taste the beyond but do not make us masters of the transcendental.” —Satyananda Saraswati

What Made María Sabina Unique

We know her as the woman who gave foreigners mushrooms, but that story is incomplete

Top 12 Psychedelic Artists on Instagram Right Now

Delight your eyes and tickle your brain with these trippy visuals

Why Tripping at Raves Can Be Just As Healing as Ceremony

Sometimes casual hedonism doesn't just feel good—it's good for you.

12 Best Movies to Watch on Acid

Turn on, tune in, and drop right into these fantastical films

Baby Boomers (Re)Discover Psychedelics as Tools for Aging with Grace

A growing number of folks are tripping for the first time in decades—but, this time, with more intention

The Forgotten History of Psychedelics in Africa

As plant medicines go "mainstream," we must remember their origin stories.

This Intentional Community Has Been Quietly Changing the World for Decades

From taking the McKennas into the Amazon on a ship to building a hotel for Tibetan refugees in Kathmandu, the Theater of All Possibilities has pioneered a new way of living and creating.

From Jay-Z to Iboga: How this Celebrity Painter Found his (True) Calling

Chor Boogie’s path from high-profile portraits to Gabon.

12 Best Things to Do While Tripping

Mind-bending fun for every occasion.

The Summer of Love—In Yiddish

A new generation of holy rebels from the fringes of Jewish life are using psychedelics to revolutionize religion.

How the Shipibo Came to Be the Most Common Group Serving Ayahuasca to Foreigners

Modern ayahuasca ceremonies draw from the wisdom of Amazonian cultures, Shipibo culture in particular. So why isn't this common knowledge?

AI Can Now Generate DMT Visuals, Thanks To This Online Community

What happens when you feed artificial intelligence thousands of psychedelic images? They make machine elves, of course.

12 Best Things to Do on Acid

Patterns and playlists and peach fuzz, oh my!

22 Best Things to Do on Shrooms

Tell your subconscious we said hello.

11 Athletes Who Have Praised Psychedelics

Pro sports stars open up about how psychedelics impacted their lives and created "doorways to the future."

Your Brain on Psychedelics Might Look the Same as Your Brain on Religious Mysticism

What’s “neurospirituality” all about? Spiritual experiences induced by psychedelics may have common neuronal pathways with traditional religious and mystical experiences.

The Psychonaut’s Guide to Kabbalah and Spiritual Journeying

What the ‘Four Worlds’ of Kabbalah can teach us about spiritual highs and lows.

Trip Tunes: A Conversation with Producer Jon Hopkins About Making Music for Ketamine

We caught up with Grammy-nominated producer Jon Hopkins about his latest record Music for Psychedelic Therapy, and the immense responsibility of making music for the psychedelic realm.

Laganja Estranja’s Psychedelic Life

The international drag queen sensation doesn't trip much these days, but her work embodies what it means to be psychedelic.

This Trippy New Book Takes You Through Modern Mushroom History—With Cartoons

An exclusive look at the love story of famed mycologists R. Gordon and Valentina Wasson—as cartoons.

Inside the World’s Largest Collection of Acid Tabs

Mark McCloud has been collecting LSD art for decades—but the reason behind his devotion to acid might surprise you.

How Dock Ellis Made Baseball History on LSD

The science, the theory, and the complicated unknowns of Dock Ellis’ acid- and amphetamine-fueled baseball achievement.

The Rise of Shroom Slang and the New Language of Tripping

What is an experience without words to describe it?

Forget, Burning Man. Inside the Last Real Anarchist Gathering.

Rainbow Gatherings have been a phenomenon since 1972, offering a glimpse into an alternate reality, where money doesn't exist and psychedelic culture is the norm. But can this temporary, idyllic society have an impact on the outside world?

9 Celebrities on Their Life-Changing Psychedelic Experiences

"It was the most pleasurable sensation I had ever known, like an orgasm. It was the secret of life, the alchemist’s secret of life.” —Anaïs Nin

Wangechi Mutu: Between Palimpsest and Prayer

Contemporary artist Wangechi Mutu on transcending boundaries, reconnecting with the natural world, and reimagining a more humane co-existence.

LSD vs. Acid: A Brief History of Acid Slang

Acid. Orange Sunshine. Windowpane. Every generation has its own nickname for LSD. But, no matter what you call it, one thing’s certain—it’s long been a symbol of a peaceful counterculture.

A Brief Heritage of Ayahuasca Art

For over 30,000 years, visionary art has helped people integrate and translate their travels into the Dreamtime, the cosmos, and other worlds.

Introducing the Mormon Psychedelic Summit

For some who have left the Mormon church, psychedelics provide an opportunity to heal feelings of alienation and find their own way.

How a Queer Worldview Led Me Back to My Psychedelic Ukrainian Roots

Troubled by the common phenomenon of white people appropriating Indigenous traditions in the psychedelic space, this author rediscovered the folklore of her own ancestral lineage.

From Inhaling Xenon to Growing Iboga: Inside the 3rd Season of Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia

A Q&A with drug journalist Hamilton Morris on the Drug War, psychoactive drugs on the periodic table, and a burgeoning opioid prevalence in West Africa.

Remembering the Late Michael Alig, King of the Club Kids, Ex-Con Killer… And Unconventional Psychedelic Pioneer

The 54-year-old nightclub fixture pioneered NYC rave culture, but struggled with his own demons—drug addiction and the murder of drug dealer Angel Melendez, among them.

The Dark Side of Festival Culture

When psychedelic-fueled revelry becomes delirium and abuse.

Where Witchcraft Meets Plant Medicine

How witches from ancient Greece to Gaeilge used plant medicine for sorcery, prophecy, and divine connection.

A Trip Through the Universe: How Psychedelic Art Overlaps with Space Art

The earliest blotter papers expressed the astronomical depths of LSD with images of crescent moons, swirling nebulas, and star scapes.

Psychedelic Synergies in the Bible: How Ancient Shamans and Priests Combined Plants to Get High

Old Testament plant mixtures—like the ingredients in ayahuasca—provide a greater wholistic benefit than each component's individual effects.

Watch Trippy Visual Art from Every Decade

But make sure you have the right set and setting first.

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out: A Previously Unpublished Interview with Timothy Leary

Roger Steffens and Timothy Leary talk Buddhism, Leary's first trip, and why partisan politics make no sense.

How Psychedelics are Reigniting Judaism

Rabbi Kamenetz is bringing psychedelics back—to the synagogue, that is.

Why People are Using Ketamine Nasal Spray to Party

Diversion of high-grade ketamine from clinics, coupled with the popularity of the k-spray method, has allowed many ravers to experience the therapeutic potential of this drug in a safer way.

Legal Highs: The Top Legal Psychoactive Plants in the US and Canada

From coffee and kratom to mandrake and morning glories, these plants will cause psychoactive, and even hallucinogenic effects.

How this Herbal Essential Oil Can Soothe, Balance, and Spark Your Inner Flame

DoubleBlind partnered with Colibri Healing to bring you a custom-crafted sacral balancing oil.

Tripping with the Stars: New Netflix Film Documents Celebrities’ Psychedelic Experiences

We asked filmmaker Donick Cary what it was like working on "Have a Good Trip" for over the past decade.

Were There Psychoactive Plants in the Bible?

Psychoactive plants in the Bible may seem few and far between, but the Holy text is ripe with botanical medicines, ceremonial incense, and purifying extracts.

Entheogen: What Does This Word Actually Mean?

'Entheogen' is rebranding psychedelics, evoking the language of divine medicine.

Why Kava is a Beautiful, Legal Way to Treat Anxiety, Build Community, and Create Ritual

Kava is known for its mellow, relaxing effect. Now DoubleBlind has partnered with Potent Kava so you can try it at home.

More Parents Take Psychedelics Than You Think

Parents with young children face unique stigma and consequences for coming out about their psychedelic use — but they still seek psychedelic community with other parents.

Did Ancient Buddhists Use Psychedelics?

Buddhists have a reputation for living drug and alcohol-free, but author Mike Crowley has found a visionary elixir called "amrita" to play no small role in early Buddhist practice.

Beyond Mushrooms: The Mysterious, Magical World of African Plant Medicine

As one of the world's oldest inhabited regions, Africa is home to a variety of plant medicines, so why don't we know more about this kingdom of ceremony?

The Greatest Psychedelic Books of All Time

Curl up and get lost. We found trippy reads for every occassion.

How Psychedelics Helped This Transgender Rapper and Military Vet Unlock his Creativity

"Psychedelics allowed the veil to be lifted off my mind, the strings to be cut, and for me to be free" — NOVAGAWD DeGrate

What Does It Mean to “Be Here Now?”

One man tackles an age-old question—and comes upon insights, beneficial to us all.

Futurist Jason Silva on Psychedelics and the Paradigm Shift That’s Changing Everything

Silva's new podcast Flow Sessions takes listeners on a deep dive inside his mind.

Beautiful and Grotesque Sculptures On the Burden of Womanhood

Chinese Artist Lin Tianmiao draws attention to the oppression of women’s bodies with contorted figures and elaborate costuming

Goodbye, Ram Dass. We Love You.

Ram Dass was ready to die. Here's how we can honor his legacy.

5 Women in Psychedelics You Should Know About

Badass women making waves in the psychedelic movement, from research to drug policy reform

Jewish and Transgender

The journey to authenticity means reconciling the various parts of who we are

Rick Strassman on DMT and the Mystical State

Before we claim that spiritual experiences heal, we must agree on what a spiritual experience is.
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