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7 Best Psytrance Festivals in 2024

A list of the best outdoor psytrance festivals across the world, where attendees find solace and connection amid pulsating psychedelic basslines.

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Amid the dance of neon lights and beneath a canopy of starlit skies, a rapid, electrifying pulse resounds through the air: the heartbeat of the psytrance community. This thriving subculture convenes around the rhythms of fast-paced trance music with layered melodies and downright trippy riffs. Played on powerful sound systems, the hypnotic performances of psytrance DJs unlock more than just a simple auditory experience; with the right conditions in place, they draw devoted dancers into the depths of consciousness and foster festivals full of love. 

Generally held in natural landscapes, open-air psytrance festivals offer, for hundreds of thousands of people, an escape from the mundane and a plunge into a sonic kaleidoscope. Join us as we delve into this list of the best psytrance festivals across the world, where attendees find solace, connection, and transformation amid pulsating psychedelic basslines.

Ozora Festival in Dádpuszta, Hungary (July 26 to August 6)

Ozora Festival

Psytrance is very popular in Europe, so the psytrance festivals there are especially well produced and attended. Our list starts off with one of the all-time legends, Ozora, which happens annually outside of a Hungarian village. Billed as a transformational arts and music festival, it’s a pilgrimage for psytrance lovers from around the world, attracting more than 30,000 each year. It features multiple stages with renowned international and local psytrance DJs (including the likes of Anoushka Shankar, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Gaudi, and Eat Static), along with impressive art installations and workshops, such as the chance to practice textile dyeing and screen printing. Expect diverse subgenres like progressive, dark, and forest psytrance to be represented. 

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Mo:Dem Festival in Primislje, Croatia (August 5 to 11)

Mo:Dem Festival

Held on a beautiful river in the Croatian countryside, Mo:Dem offers a unique blend of relaxation and high-energy psytrance. The lineup (nearly 200 artists strong) includes international psytrance headliners alongside emerging local talents. The festival is known for its focus on enhancing the psychedelic experience, with cutting edge visuals and mind-blowing experimental light sculptures backdropping your every move across three distinct dancing areas. Organizers encourage “leave no trace” principles to protect the surrounding natural world, fostering a sense of harmony with the environment as you embark on your transformational journey. 

Heaven On Earth DarkPsy in Grass Valley, California (June 21 to 23)

In the United States, we recommend this up-and-coming fest on the West Coast, a region known for incredible transformational festivals as much as for its lovely weather. As the name suggests, this California festival (which is more intimate than the two European colossuses we’ve just named) focuses on the darker side of psytrance, with a strong emphasis on powerful bass and intense soundscapes. The collective that runs it has been working together for eight years, so we imagine an increasingly polished experience coming to the fore, particularly for those who prefer a darker and more underground psytrance experience.

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Fractalfest in Worcester, Massachusetts (Ongoing Summer 2024)


Easily one of the U.S.’ most popular psytrance festivals, Fractalfest (presented by a collective called Fractaltribe) postponed this year’s edition. However, we were excited to learn that Fractaltribe will instead be holding a series of summer events that “prioritize festival production quality” at The Fractal Factory, a venue the collective created specifically for immersive psytrance experiences just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. 

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VooV Experience in Putliz, Germany (July 19 to 22)

Crossing the pond back to psytrance’s home continent, Voov Experience claims to be “the mother of all Goa festivals,” implying it is an heir to the Goa trance scene that gave birth to the psytrance movement. Indeed, this festival attracts up to 20,000 people a year and takes place at a colorfully bedecked campground between Hamburg and Germany, offering 54 hours of nonstop music spread between a Main Stage and Chill Out zone, with an emphasis on progressive sounds. The lineup is still forthcoming, but expect a fabulous sound system from the folks at Clear Sound in Bulgaria and an impressive bespoke light show from the Netherlands’ Laser Beam Factory.

Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada (August 24 to September 2)

Burning Man

While not exclusively a psytrance festival, Burning Man—the quasi-anarchic temporary city raised in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert at the end of every summer—attracts a wide variety of electronic music artists, including scores of psytrance DJs. The focus here is on radical self-expression, experimental art, and nourishing community. You won’t have to throw a stone far to hit the psytrance parties which take place beside other electronic music genres throughout the highly immersive event. For a week or more, you can lose yourself to your heart’s content.

Groove & Bass Festival in Bryson, Quebec, Canada (July 26 to 29)

Hot on the tails of last year’s much-beloved renegade edition, this four-year-old North American event bills itself as a “psychedelic” music and arts festival where you will find psytrance along with house and DNB presented across three different stages. Like Xibalba, it has brought in a bevy of international artists for this year’s edition, as well as dozens of local performers. Since it’s located in Quebec, you will find bilingual signage as well as people speaking both English and French. Groove & Bass takes place on a gorgeous campground in a forested area one hour’s drive from Ottawa, and espouses three founding principles: “Welcome Home”; “Creative Living”; and “Fuck Yeah” (“are you ready to fucking party? We thought so”).

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