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24 of the Best Psytrance Songs

If you’re new to the psytrance genre, here are a few songs that highlight the best of what it has to offer.

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The psychedelic trance — or “psytrance” — genre has been filling clubs since the 1990s, when it branched out from the Goa trance scene in India. Characterized by layered melodies, dramatic peaks, tempos of 135 beats per minute or more, and long tracks lasting up to 10 minutes, it mesmerizes listeners, eliciting feelings reminiscent of a psychedelic trip.

If you’re new to the genre — or just want a cohesive playlist of psytrance songs to listen to — here are a few tracks that highlight the best of what psychedelic trance has to offer. 

“Spinning Into Place” by Younger Brother

The ambient instrumentals and emotive, moody, soaring vocals make this song a journey into the depths of the soul. 

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”Invisible Children” by KSHMR and Tigerlily

The unique melodies and sitars in this classic club selection make it hard not to dance to.

“A Frenchman in Belgrade” by Talamasca

This track’s Serbian-influenced sounds are as stunning as its colorful video. 

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”I Wish” by Infected Mushroom (Skazi remix)

This track’s dark, chaotic sound will keep you on your toes for all eight minutes.

“Mahadeva” by Astral Projection

This energetic track is equal parts aggressive and angelic.

“Side Effect” by Astrix and Atomic Pulse

Enter another dimension with this sound that’s ideal for a closed-eyed mushroom journey.

“DMT” by 1200 Micrograms

The title says it all: This is an ode to the God molecule and the emotions it evokes.

“Deep Jungle Walk” by Astrix

You’ll feel like you’re in the middle of an enchanted forest inhabited by aliens as you listen to this.

“Adhana” by Vini Vici and Astrix

An eight-minute journey around the galaxy, complete with screeching and fast-paced percussion.

”Secret Transition” by Ilai (Altered State remix)

This song will lift you up to outer space, then back down as the beat drops.

“Lift Me Up” by Sesto Sento

This one’s quick, catchy vocals make it both deep and approachable.

“Free Your Soul” by Ticon & Silent Sphere

Alternating between steady beats and soaring synths, this sound gives off otherworldly vibes.

“Hammock Therapy” by Shpongle

This track’s woodwind instrumentals make it calming, soothing, and uplifting. 

”Lose My Mind” by CORM!!

These soft, angelic vocals practically beg you to sing along. 

“Conquistador I” by Juno Reactor

This haunting operatic tune contains chilling Latin lyrics with religious themes.

“Incore” by Vibe Tribe

The highlight of this track is the hypnotic vocal sequence around the four-minute mark.

“Tribal Nature” by Tegma

The drums are the star of this track, and the trippy video matches the music to a T.

“Return of the Machines” by Oforia

The sound of this song lives up to this title, evoking the image of a cyborg apocalypse. 

“Falling” by Skazi 

A hodgepodge of metal and hip-hop influences, including gorgeous vocals by Shiri Maimon. 

“Strange Lands” by KSHMR

KSHMR’s Indian influence is audible in this entrancingly danceable number.

“Crystalline” by Younger Brother

The folky vocals are at the center of this gentle track.

“Red Herring” by Union Jack

Hear the whispers of the trees out your window in this simple track.

“Starship 101” by Etnica

Go on, let the aliens invade your ears.

“Crazy People” by Liquid Soul

The repeated refrain “crazy people” will drive you wild — in a good way.

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