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What to Eat With Shrooms

Shrooms are an acquired taste. Here's what to eat to keep your tummy and tastebuds happy

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Updated February 16, 2024

We can’t lie to you: Shrooms taste kinda gross. The fungus has been described as everything from “earthy” and “meaty” to the less-than-flattering “dog poo.” There’s no doubt that shrooms are an acquired taste. Unlike the savory notes found in culinary mushrooms, psilocybin have a flavor reminiscent of soil, a tip of the hat to the natural environment from which they originate–so prepare yourself before consuming.

Luckily for you, there are numerous ways to cover up some of the less desirable flavors of mushrooms enough to satisfy even the pickiest of myconaughts.

“I cannot think of a more versatile food than the mushroom.” – Julia Child

Even though Mrs. Child was probably referring to non-psilocybin containing mushrooms in the quote above, the same can be said about the psychoactive cousins to the mushroom varieties found at your local grocery store. From simple ideas like adding mushrooms to food, down to portioning your dosage into a consumable powder, follow along as we guide you through the many different ways to consume everyone’s favorite fungi. 


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The easiest way to eat shrooms is pretty obvious. While this method is quick and dependable, it does require a bit of mental fortitude since everyone has their own unique preferences and sensitivities. While you might find the taste of mushrooms off-putting due to their bitter, earthy flavors, others may find the subtle hints of nuttiness to be quite pleasant. 

When in doubt, try chewing as quickly as possible while carefully breathing through your mouth. You can also wash your dose down with water or juice to help further mask the taste.

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Shroom Chocolates

person pouring chocolate into molds

If infused confections are more your style then this next method is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth. You can start by grinding up your mushrooms into a fine powder and adding them to melted chocolate. Mix thoroughly after combining and then add your mixture to an ice tray or baking sheet and wait for the chocolate to set. This method is also an ideal way to keep your mushrooms stored fresh for later use–just make sure your roommates know it’s not “regular” chocolate!

Remember, psilocybin begins to break down around 190°F, so we recommend avoiding recipes that include baking for extended periods as it may affect potency.


mushroom pizza

There’s a titular scene in the classic stoner film, Detroit Rock City where the main character is forced to attend a very strict catholic school after his mother found him listening to rock music she deemed satanic. Before our hero accepts his defeat he is saved at the last minute by his best friends, who secretly dosed the headmaster’s pie with magic mushrooms, leaving him to trip heavily and allowing them time to escape. While we don’t condone dosing someone without their consent we can attest to the fact that starchy foods packed with bold flavors can help mask the taste, texture, and smell of mushrooms very well. 

Instant (Shroom) Soup

ramen in a mug

During the colder month try this recipe that is, as one Redditor put it, “The best f**king soup ever!” Add ground-up shrooms to a mug along with your favorite brand of instant soup and boiling water. Let your magical potion brew for 15-30 minutes, and sip your way into a state of harmonious bliss. 

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Just like with mushroom tea, there’s no need to eat the shroom solids, as the majority of psilocybin will still be ingested by drinking the liquid. If you are worried about the taste, try using hearty soups with flavors you know you like to help avoid feeling nauseous before and after consumption.

Mushroom Tea


Besides being easier on your stomach, making mushroom tea can be a ritualistic ceremony that helps to clear your mind and strengthen your overall experience. While there are several different ways to infuse your beverage of choice we prefer to follow this recipe

It should also be noted that many users experienced their effects more rapidly after drinking mushroom-infused tea versus consuming them raw. For novice myconaughts, consider a smaller dose, sometimes referred to as a micro-dose, until you know your ideal amount.

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Lemon Tek

lemon juice in bowl

We have all probably heard someone talk about the benefits of consuming their mushrooms alongside orange juice. It turns out that some claims about the fruit’s ability to increase psychedelic effects may be true–but not the way you think.

Citrus fruits contain acetic acid, which helps break down psilocybin into psilocin, the compound that your body metabolizes during your trip. Lemon Tek is the process of allowing your mushroom dose to soak in lemon or lime juice for several minutes prior to ingestion. During that time the citric acid begins to break down the mushroom material, leaving you with a mouth-puckeringly potent way to enjoy your trip. You can find a more comprehensive guide to Lemon Tek, including our favorite recipe here.


woman drinking smoothie

Yet another easy way to conceal the bitter taste of mushrooms is by adding them to your favorite fruit. Begin by weighing the mushrooms carefully to avoid overconsumption. Next, prepare your smoothie using your preferred ingredients, and incorporate the shrooms into the mix. Pulse the blender multiple times to ensure thorough blending and prepare for liftoff!

Alternatively, you can simplify the process by using your favorite juice. Take a small sip to create some space in the bottle, carefully grind the shrooms, add them to the mix, and shake vigorously. Since our bodies tend to absorb liquids more easily, this method can potentially lead to quicker onset effects, so we recommend starting with a smaller dose.


psilocybin mushroom capsules

If you’re looking for a more medicinal approach to consuming shrooms, then shroom capsules provide an excellent and discreet method for experiencing all the amazing effects without the inconvenience of eating raw mushrooms or incorporating them into meals.

The process is pretty straightforward. First, measure your dosage carefully to avoid and grind your shrooms until they become a fine powder. Finally,  utilize a capsule machine or purchase empty capsules from any health food store and fill. Whenever the mood arises, simply place one or two capsules in your mouth, and you can embark on your trip with ease without actually tasting anything.

Pretty Much Anything Edible

Do you know what makes your favorite foods taste even better? Consuming them while knowing you’re about to transcend space and time! So whether you take the time to prepare your favorite culinary dish while incorporating mushrooms into the mix, or you keep it simple by adding it over the top of your favorite slice of pizza, pasta, or whatever, there’s really no wrong way to consume magic mushrooms–unless, of course, you forget to invite us!

For a more positive psilocybin experience, it’s crucial to consume in a safe and suitable manner. Prioritize preparing your set and setting, allowing ample time to tend to your body and mind. Your well-being will greatly appreciate it. Wishing you a safe journey!

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