Editorial Process

DoubleBlind Editorial Policy

Editorial Integrity 

DoubleBlind is a trusted resource for news, evidence-based education, and reporting on psychedelics. Our mission is to bring you the most objective, trustworthy, and accurate information. Our contributors are vetted experts affiliated with leading universities and nonprofits as well as journalists familiar with extensive experience reporting for outlets including The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Vanity Fair, The Washington Post, NPR, and many others. We have co-published articles with Rolling Stone, Playboy, and Quartz

Clinical Significance 

Health information on the website includes the latest findings published in peer-reviewed medical journals, such as The Journal of Behavioral Medicine, The Lancet, Frontiers in Psychology, PLOS One, and Perspectives on Psychological Science. 

Editorial Accuracy

All of our articles are fact-checked by qualified editors. Our advisory board is also responsible for fact-checking our articles to ensure accuracy. Members of our advisory board include Dr. Charles Nichols, professor of pharmacology at Louisiana State University; Dr. Jeffrey Becker, a UCLA-trained psychiatrist with over 20 years of clinical experience and research applying functional principles in mental health treatment; Sutton King, a graduate of NYU School of Global Public Health and an internationally-recognized Indigenous rights activist; Natalie Lyla Ginsberg (MSW), the Global Impact Officer at the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies; Monica Cadena, an Afro-Chicana, California-based writer/journalist working at the intersection of healing and social justice activism; and Shayla Love, a staff reporter for The Guardian with bylines in The New Yorker, The New York Times, and VICE, among others. In addition to our advisory board, DoubleBlind’s team of medical reviewers and fact-checkers includes: Dr. Michael Verbora, Chief Medical Officer of Aleafia Health, and Dr. Michele Ross, a renowned neuroscientist specializing in plant medicines. Our mycology content is also fact-checked by qualified editors, including Caine Barlow, an expert in cultivation and ethnomycology, and Dr. K Mandrake, author of the best-selling Psilocybin Mushroom Bible and an expert in mushroom botany. 

Editorial Independence

DoubleBlind maintains complete control of the articles published on its site. All articles are chosen by our editorial team, with a commitment to a wide variety of perspectives, fairness, and accuracy. This includes not creating a hierarchy of knowledge, and ensuring that relevant stakeholders—not just the most prominent voices—are included. As is standard best practices, our sources do not see or influence our reporting. 


DoubleBlind maintains complete independence from its advertisers. The news and features that we publish are distinct and chosen separately from any advertising or outside influence. 

We have limited advertising on the website, newsletter, social media, and print magazine. This includes the occasional sponsored or affiliate post, which is clearly marked at the top of the story and does not influence anything else that we do. 


DoubleBlind does not encourage or condone any illegal activities, including but not limited to the use of illegal substances. We urge you to understand and abide by your local laws. We do not provide mental health, clinical, or medical services. We are not a substitute for medical, psychological, or psychiatric diagnosis, treatment, or advice. If you are in a crisis or if you or any other person may be in danger or experiencing a mental health emergency, immediately call 911 or your local emergency resources. If you are considering suicide, please call 988 to connect with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

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