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The Eclipse Is Upon Us

This solar eclipse in Aries comes on the heels of a lunar eclipse in Libra. But what does it all mean? Astrologer Sarah Potter breaks it down.

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Eclipse season is here and there are many reasons to tap in and pay attention to the wild energy engulfing us. Eclipses are truly spectacular phenomena, and if you are located on its path of totality, you should make time to witness this incredible event. Eclipses occur every year at least twice, but sometimes they happen as many as three times. In 2024, our eclipse portal began with a full moon lunar eclipse on Monday, March 25, and it ends on the new moon total solar eclipse on Monday, April 8. But you can expect to feel the effects of these eclipses long after the portal closes.

Eclipses are powerful astronomical occurrences that invoke a wide range of emotions, from fear to awe to wonder and beyond. Astrology should never incite fear—we must keep living our lives!—but why does this cosmic moment feel so dramatic? Whether you believe in astrology or not, eclipses hold potent energy—period. The physical, waking experience of witnessing the sun go out midday is visceral. But, if you are tapped into the energetic nuances around us, you might be aware that eclipses also support significant change and radical transformation, both personally and globally. 

Just remember: There’s nothing to fear when we understand how to smartly navigate this energy. Knowledge is power, so let’s investigate the significance of this solar eclipse in Aries and its ties to the lunar eclipse we just had in Libra, so you can plan accordingly and feel like your best self, regardless of the change that comes your way.

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A lunar eclipse always coincides with a full moon and happens when the sun, moon, and Earth align in a manner where the moon passes into Earth’s shadow, causing it to dim or darken. This particular lunar eclipse happened on March 25. It was a penumbral eclipse, meaning the moon traversed through the Earth’s penumbra, or the indistinct outer portion of its shadow. For most of us earthlings, especially in the United States, that meant the moon appeared a bit darker than usual. 

Full moons represent culminations and endings. But with this past one occurring in Libra—the sign of harmony, beauty, and relationships—also being a lunar eclipse, the energy was supercharged in a way that pushed us to let things go and release the things that are no longer serving us. That friend turned frenemy? Release them. The situationship that’s leaving you feeling empty and depleted? Set it free (for good). Or, perhaps, you’re faced with a crossroads that’s encouraging you to acknowledge old patterns, mindsets, or choices. If you’ve recently experienced swift, sudden shifts, or abrupt endings, and crucial changes around in your personal relationships, know you’re not alone. The energy is currently ripe for that. Think of it as helping you get on the path that will guide you toward your destiny. Eclipses are an optimal time for reflection and illumination. What must be seen will always be revealed. 

Also, remember that sometimes these changes usher in such a dramatic shift that we become unrecognizable from who we used to be. Sometimes dynamics shift imperceptibly over time, and when we stop to look, it’s clear we no longer coexist in the way we once did. Use the lingering lunar eclipse energy to evaluate the unions and connections with others to see what feels good and supportive, and what needs to transform, even if that means letting go of something that once meant a lot to you. It’s often clear what we must release, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Listen to your intuition and honor the truth about how you feel in your heart. The challenges and discomfort that stem from growth can often be alleviated when it’s framed as creating space for something fresh, new, and more aligned.

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The last note about this lunar eclipse is that its story arc began on the last solar eclipse in Libra six months ago, on October 14, 2023. Think about the themes playing out in your life then and how they connect to your current situation. Everything comes full circle.

To bring us current, we’re about to endure a solar eclipse in Aries today, April 8. This one’s effects are so powerful that it will reverberate for several weeks after it occurs. Truthfully, this solar eclipse has the potential to be a little messy because it overlaps with the first Mercury retrograde of 2024. Mercury retrogrades occur three to four times a year and have become a commonplace scapegoat for any and all difficulties, snafus, or otherwise inexplicable frustrations. 

When Mercury, the planet of communication and technology, appears to spin backward, everything can go a bit haywire. Add that to the inherent erratic vibe of a solar eclipse and… who knows what will happen?! Because of this, it’s best to expect the unexpected—as much as we possibly can. How can you do that? Slow down, quadruple-check everything, and give yourself plenty of time and space just to be present—in your body and throughout your daily activities. Don’t overcommit or feel obligated to take on more than absolutely necessary. Biting off more than you can chew is common under sticky Aries astrology, but especially so with the funky astrological configurations immediately following the eclipse (anyone else excited for the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Pisces?). Just try and ride out this energetic wave with as much chill as possible. Start grounding and cradling your nervous systems now. Wooosaaah.

Solar eclipses coincide with new moons, a time that is typically best spent planting seeds of new intentions and embarking upon fresh starts. Think of this as a supercharged opportunity for a significant new beginning, especially since the lunar eclipse just recently cleared out a lot of space. During a solar eclipse, the moon will pass in front of the sun, blocking out the solar light and creating a period of total darkness. Our other senses become heightened in the absence of the sun, including our intuition. Expect major breakthroughs! This is a moment for deep reflection to observe what our inner knowing is saying. What’s usually a whisper can now build to a screaming cacophony! 

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Let your intuition guide you toward creating positive changes that will connect you more deeply to your life’s purpose. Best-selling author and astrologer Lisa Stardust shared this helpful insight to keep in mind as we navigate this powerful time: 

“Eclipses have the power to illuminate things we’ve never seen before, and they can be powerful enough to disrupt our lives. The upcoming solar eclipse in Aries on April 8, 2024, is going to be a game-changer, with a retrograde Mercury and Chiron (a minor planet known as the “wounded healer” that represents our deepest wound and efforts to heal it) both playing a role. We’re taking stock of our situations and wondering how we can prioritize our own needs. Meanwhile, the lunar eclipse in Libra is urging us to examine our relationships and determine whether they’re worth the effort, regardless of what we decide. Remember, the universe is always pushing us toward growth and transformation.”

The penumbral lunar eclipse was visible in parts of Antarctica, the western half of Africa, western Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, the Americas, the Pacific Ocean, Japan, and the eastern half of Australia, while the solar eclipse will cross over North America on its path of totality. This will be the only total solar eclipse that will be viewable for the rest of this century in the United States, Mexico, and Canada at the same time. 

If you wish to see the solar eclipse (It will be visible for four minutes and twenty-seven seconds, the longest in over a decade!), be sure to have a pair of eclipse glasses on hand because staring directly at the sun could severely damage to your eyes.  And no matter where you are, even if you cannot physically observe the eclipses, know that you can invoke and work with their potent energy by taking time to get grounded, reflect, and indulge in extra self-care as you welcome beautiful transformations. 

Change is necessary, and it’s always good in the end, so just be open to wherever it leads you.

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