California Will Not Legalize Widespread Access to Psychedelic Therapy Any Time Soon

SB1012, the bill to legalize and mainstream psychedelic therapy in California, was axed among hundreds of other initiatives in May.

Congress Officially Supports Psychedelics More Than Cannabis, VA Official Says

"There’s an 'unstoppable narrative' in support of advancing psychedelic medicine, [and] bipartisan support has 'surpassed' that of cannabis," says top VA official.

FDA Panel Rejects MDMA Therapy for PTSD

FDA advisors rejected the use of MDMA as a treatment for PTSD, citing major concerns over flawed trial design.

DOJ Says Recent Ayahuasca Church Settlement Is Irrelevant for Other Groups Seeking Exemption

The Department of Justice will have no mercy on other ayahuasca churches seeking religious exemption from the Controlled Substances Act.

That One Time the US Treasury Secretary Ate Shrooms in China

“I was not aware that these mushrooms had hallucinogenic properties," said Janet Yellen, US Treasury Secretary. "I learned that later.”

California Is One Step Closer to Legalizing Psychedelic Therapy

SB1012 would legalize psychedelic therapy in California, but it would not decriminalize possession or use outside of a clinical context.

Church of the Eagle and the Condor Can Now Drink Ayahuasca Legally in the US

The Church of Eagle and Condor becomes the third organization in the United States to obtain religious exemption from the Controlled Substances Act to legally use ayahuasca.

Petition Urges FDA to Review Risks of Lykos Therapeutics’ Bid for Legal MDMA 

Scholars and concerned citizens file a public petition to the FDA to consider the unintended consequences of approving MDMA for PTSD therapy.

BREAKING: DEA Reschedules Cannabis

After 50 years of prohibition, the Drug Enforcement Administration has made a historic decision to reschedule cannabis from a Schedule I to Schedule III drug.

Oregon Recrim: Psychedelics Are the Casualty of Measure 110’s Demise

The decision to recriminalize the possession of all drugs in Oregon will also revoke people’s right to carry psychedelics.

How a Supreme Court Ruling Made Blotter Paper Beloved Among Acid Dealers Everywhere

Ever wondered why paper tabs are the most common delivery method for LSD? We broke down a 1991 US Supreme Court ruling that made it this way.

Advocates Are Battling Over the Future of Psychedelic Reform in the US

As election season ramps up in the US, a fierce debate rages between advocates over the “right way” to reform psychedelic policy.

Swallowing the Psychedelic Red Pill

The general public has historically associated psychedelics with liberal ideologies, but they can also make people more inclined to believe in conspiracy theories and right-wing extremism.

Multiple Presidential Candidates Push Psychedelics Reform on 2024 the Campaign Trail

Presidential candidates from the Democrat, Republican, and Independent parties are using their platforms on the campaign trail to promote visions for psychedelics reform.

How the War on Drugs Fuels Environmental Destruction

A new report describes how global drug prohibition undermines efforts to address the climate crisis.

Kava and Kratom: A Story of How Two Plants Became Entangled in the Extremes of Western Culture and Policy

Kava and kratom have been consumed for centuries by other cultures—so why aren’t more people taking these powerful plants?

The FDA Releases First-Ever Guidelines For Psychedelic Medicine

The guidelines will shape what the future of psychedelic therapy and treatment looks like

California Psychedelics Legalization Bill Approved by Assembly Public Safety Committee

The legislation heads to another committee before a chance for an Assembly-wide review—but the path to approval is "narrow"

There’s Finally a Psychedelic Caucus in Congress—Here’s What They’re Doing

Slowly but surely, federal lawmakers are paying attention to the promise of psychedelics for mental health

The Psychedelic Industry Grew Too Fast—And Now is Getting a Reality Check

Students and patients left in a lurch, investors out millions of dollars…WTF is going on?!

Rhode Island House Passes Bill To Decriminalize Magic Mushrooms

Adults could possess, cultivate, and share up to one ounce—but the Senate gets a say, first

Massachusetts is Leading the Way on Psychedelic Reform. Here’s the Latest.

Oregon and Colorado have been getting a lot of attention. Meanwhile, Massachusetts has been decriminalizing city by city—and is now considering statewide change

The First-Ever Psilocybin Service Center is Approved In Oregon

Service centers are the only places where adults can legally access magic mushrooms

Colorado House and Senate Approve Psychedelics Regulation Bill

The bill creates a regulatory framework for the psychedelic “healing centers” voters approved last year—early reactions are mixed

First Mushroom Trip Facilitators Licensed in Oregon

They're the first legal psilocybin facilitators in the country

New Bill Would Force DEA to Let Patients Use Psychedelics (and Cannabis)

Lawmakers want the DEA to clarify that the seriously ill can access psychedelics under “Right to Try” laws

Vermont Could Legalize Psychedelics and Decriminalize All Drugs

State lawmakers filed four major drug reform initiatives this month, but the progressive policies still face political obstacles.

The DEA is Playing God with Psychedelic Churches

The Drug Enforcement Administration has been deciding which psychedelic churches are and are not legitimate—but, according to legal experts, they don’t have the right to do so

Psychedelic Pharma Has Arrived—But Will It Really Be Different from Big Pharma?

Psychedelic businesses have an opportunity to disrupt existing paradigms with regenerative economic practices. The question is: will they take it?

Colorado Psychedelic Advocates are Confused About Who Was Chosen to Roll Out the State’s Psilocybin Program

Among dozens of well-known psychedelic applicants, many folks who are unknown to the community were chosen

2023 Might Be the Biggest Year for Psychedelics Yet

Lawmakers in nearly one dozen states are pushing for some kind of psychedelic policy reform

Colorado Legalized Psilocybin Experiences. What’s Next?

Over the next year, Colorado will figure out what its regulated psychedelic system will look like. Here’s what’s at stake.

New York Could Legalize Psychedelics—If Lawmakers Approve New Bill

Two New York Assemblymembers pre-filed a bill that would legalize naturally-occurring psychedelics in the state

Illegal Shroom Dispensaries in the US and Canada are Getting Busted

Nice try, folks, but you may be a little too far ahead of the psychedelic curve

New Bill Tries to Decriminalize Psychedelics in California—Again

Senator Scott Wiener's Office introduces decriminalization bill SB-58, four months after their first attempt was reduced to a study.

Where is Psychedelic-assisted Therapy Legal?

Psychedelics are being embraced in a growing number of places around the world. But where is psychedelic-assisted therapy actually accessible?

There’s a Worldwide Spike in Arrests of Plant Medicine Practitioners

From Mexico to the Czech Republic, facilitators are currently being held for transporting ayahuasca, peyote, and other ancestral medicines

It’s Your Last Chance to Have a Say in What Oregon’s Psilocybin System Will Look Like

This landmark bill will impact how psychedelic reform unfolds nationwide

BREAKING: Colorado Legalizes Psilocybin Sessions in Historic Vote 

Voters in the Centennial state just legalized guided magic mushroom experiences—and decriminalized personal use.

MDMA Therapy is Almost Legal—But Who Will Have Access?

MDMA for post-traumatic stress disorder will likely be legal in the next two years. This is what we know about what it will look like.

There’s Now a Shroom Dispensary in the US

With gummies, powders, and capsules on sale, this Florida shop says they’ve found a legal loophole

Why Everyone Cares So Much About Colorado’s Psilocybin Bill

It represents a larger nationwide debate over psychedelic reform—here’s what you need to know

Where Are Magic Mushrooms Legal?

The legal status of psilocybin globally is in flux. Here's where you can journey without prosecution—sort of

Connecticut to Offer Legal MDMA and Psilocybin Therapy as Early as Next Year

Ahead of federal approval, Connecticut seeks to lay the groundwork for psychedelic treatments in the state

The Viagra of the Himalayas—the World’s Most Expensive Fungus—Faces Serious Decline Due to Growing Demand

The caterpillar fungus sells for as much as $140 per gram in the markets of China.

BREAKING NEWS: San Francisco Decriminalizes Psychedelics

Psychedelics like psilocybin and ayahuasca will be "among the lowest priorities" for law enforcement.

Biden Administration Prepares for Legalization of MDMA and Psilocybin Within Two Years

In the wake of a growing mental health crisis, the feds get ready for legal psychedelic therapy

California Psychedelics Legalization Bill Gutted by Key Committee

SB-519 would have allowed for the possession of DMT, psilocybin, and MDMA, among other substances—but not all psychedelic activists were onboard with it

Colorado Psychedelics Legalization Measure Qualifies for November Ballot

The bill would legalize the possession of certain psychedelics and allow for psilocybin treatment centers—but not all advocates are in favor of it

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Pushes for Psychedelic Reform in Congress

The amendment would require the Department of Defense to study the therapeutic potential of psilocybin and MDMA for military service members

States Are Embracing Psychedelics, Paving the Way for FDA Approval

Over the course of the past year, several states across the US have taken legal action to expand access to psychedelic-assisted therapies for some citizens. Many of these efforts have been catalyzed by veterans who have personally benefited from psychedelic-assisted therapies.

Colorado Legalizes MDMA Prescriptions Pending Federal Approval

The new legislation is one of several recent initiatives that would advance psychedelic and drug policy reform around the nation.

Oregon Officials Reject Rules for Spiritual and Religious Psilocybin

Critics oppose the closed-door decision, which may limit access for non-medical practitioners.

The DEA Wants to Place Five Tryptamines in Schedule I and You Can Stop Them

The DEA might criminalize more psychedelics—but there's still time for public comment.

Missouri Legislators Introduce Bill to Give Terminally Ill Patients Access to Psychedelics

New Policies in Missouri could expand access to psychedelic therapies and decriminalize low-level possession of controlled substances.

Will California Legalize Psilocybin in 2022?

California is already considering a psychedelic legalization bill in the legislature, but citizens may have the opportunity to vote on a psilocybin-specific initiative next fall. Here’s the 101 on what the Initiative is all about.

Washington State Lawmakers Consider a Psilocybin Legalization Bill

The Washington Psilocybin Services Act would legalize “supported use” of psilocybin for adults 21 and over, regardless of medical diagnosis.

Breaking: Port Townsend Becomes 13th City to Decriminalize Psychedelics

Port Townsend just became the second city in Washington state to decriminalize entheogenic plants and fungi.

Detroit Voters Decriminalize Psychedelics, Joining Ann Arbor

Detroit voters passed the city’s first psychedelic decriminalization initiative, making entheogenic plants among the lowest law enforcement priorities.

BREAKING: Easthampton, Mass. Decriminalizes Natural Psychedelics

Another Massachusetts city decriminalizes psychedelics. Will the trend continue?

Seattle Decriminalizes Possession and Cultivation Of Psychedelics

Seattle is now the largest city in the United States to decriminalize psychedelic plants and fungi.

People Are Facing Legal Repercussions for Serving Plant Medicine — Here’s What’s Being Done to Help Them

“All the recoveries that we see, all the second chances that people have, all the healing… we are not criminals.”

California is On the Brink of Decriminalizing Psychedelics — But It’s Not that Simple

Inside the politics of ending psychedelic prohibition in the Golden State.

Breaking News: Federal Drug Decriminalization Measure Introduced in the House

The Drug Policy Reform Act seeks to end federal criminal penalties for drug possession, expunge criminal drug records, and invest in health-based approaches to drug policy.

Breaking News: California State Senate Passes Psychedelic Legalization Bill

SB 519 is now headed to the State Assembly for a final vote before it can become law.

Now that New York Legalized Cannabis, Could Psychedelics Be Next?

From New York City to Albany to tiny towns upstate, the tide of psychedelic decriminalization laps at the shores of the Empire State.

Cambridge Decriminalizes Psychedelics

On Wednesday (Feb. 3), Cambridge joined the movement to decriminalize entheogenic plants and fungi.

This Former Latter-day Saint Politician Started a Psilocybin Church—But Is it Legal?

The story behind Steve Urquhart, founder and "protector" of The Divine Assembly.

Where Will Psychedelics and Other Drugs Be Decriminalized Next?

Drug decriminalization is taking the world by storm—from Vancouver to Vermont, Washington and California, efforts to bring down prohibition are skyrocketing.

Vancouver Becomes First City in Canada to Decriminalize All Drugs

On Wednesday (Nov. 25), Vancouver's City Council unanimously voted to decriminalize all drugs, from LSD to heroin.

Breaking News: Oregon Legalizes Psilocybin Therapy

Under the new policy, licensed facilitators can give psilocybin to adults over 21 in therapeutic contexts.

Breaking News: Oregon Becomes the First State to Decriminalize All Drugs

Oregonians pass Measure 110 to decriminalize personal possession amounts of all drugs, from LSD and MDMA to meth and heroin.

Breaking: Washington D.C. Decriminalizes Psychedelic Plants and Fungi

Voters approve Initiative 81, the Capitol's own Decriminalize Nature measure.

Psychedelic Gold Rush? Psilocybin Startup Compass Pathways Goes Public at More than $1B

Here's why Wall Street is starting to see the value in psychedelics.

Breaking News: Ann Arbor Decriminalizes Psychedelics

Ann Arbor just became the third city in the United States to decriminalize all-naturally entheogens.

After Permitting Psilocybin for Terminal Patients, Canada Could Open the Door to Psychedelics

Some Canadians with life-threatening illnesses can now try magic mushrooms to ease their mind. But it could open the door to much more for the Great White North’s psychedelic scene.

How Oregon is Leading the Country in Drug Policy Reform

The confluence of campaigns to legalize psilocybin therapy, decriminalize all drugs, and to decriminalize entheogens at the local level has made Oregon home to a complementary reform movement.

Can this Little Known Third Party Herald a New Political Paradigm?

The One Nation Party is running on an "all-win" platform upholding psychedelic ideals, but are their campaign promises feasible?

Decriminalization vs. Legalization: What’s the Difference?

Your guide to the differences between decriminalization vs. legalization when it comes to drugs.

Amid COVID-19 Lockdown, Psychedelic Reform Campaigns Go Digital

Washington D.C. Council approved a bill to let Decriminalize Nature DC gather signatures remotely, while Decriminalize California petitions for an extension.

New York Assemblywoman Introduces Measure to Decriminalize Psilocybin

This is among the first decriminalization bills in the country to be introduced by a legislator, rather than an activist group.

Dr. Bronner’s Donates $1 Mil to Legalize Medical Psilocybin in Oregon

Dr. Bronner's Soaps is on a mission to overturn psychedelic prohibition—starting with Oregon

Are Mushrooms Legal in California? Thanks to COVID-19, Shrooms Will Remain Illegal —For Now

Social distancing measures have halted Decriminalize California’s desire to make mushrooms legal in California.

Entheogenic Plants & Fungi: The Campaign to Decriminalize Naturally Occurring Psychedelics

Dozens of localities around the country are following Oakland's example, forming their own Decriminalize Nature chapters to end prohibition around entheogenic plants and fungi.

Psychedelics on the Stock Exchange?

In the wake of the cannabis green rush, investors are eyeing psychedelics, while Canadian pharma company Mindmed aims to go public this March.

Breaking : Santa Cruz City Council Votes to Decriminalize Entheogenic Plants and Fungi

Santa Cruz is now the second jurisdiction in California to pass a Decriminalize Nature Initiative, and the third in the country to decriminalize mushrooms.

Why MDMA Will Likely Be Legal Before Weed

Despite the cannabis movement's gains in jurisdictions around the country, MDMA is further along in the process to become a prescription medication.

Will Shroom Dispensaries Become a Thing Anytime Soon?

With the decriminalization of psilocybin, it's hard not to wonder whether magic mushrooms will follow the path of cannabis.

More Patients Could Have Access to MDMA Therapy—Before the FDA Approves It

For the first time since MDMA was made illegal, patients may have "expanded access" outside a clinical setting.

There’s Now a Federal Psychedelic Lobby

They started in Denver—and they're taking the movement nationwide

Dr. Bronner’s Donates $150k to Legalize Medical Psilocybin in Oregon

In 2020, Oregon could become the first state with legal psilocybin clinics.

How the Psychedelic Industry Can Learn From the Cannabis Industry’s Mistakes

The cannabis industry has drifted from its grassroots values. Will the psychedelic field be more equitable?
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