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Want to step into your power? Sex and psychedelics are among the most catalyzing experiences we can endure. Independently, both hold incredible potential to bring us into empowered states of being through altered states of consciousness. Together, they have the potential to help us discover facets of ourselves that can help us level up psychologically, spiritually, and emotionally. So, how might we incorporate our psychedelic work into our sex lives without perpetuating harmful tropes?

Suzannah Weiss, author of Subjectified: Becoming a Sexual Subject, a book about how we can create a world with less objectification and more subjectification, will be sharing her expertise on how we can best work with psychedelics to ignite our innate power, relinquish old ways of thinking about ourselves and partner(s), and how to liberate our bodies and minds from tired structures that donโ€™t serve anyone in sensual (and sacred) settings.