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Join Dr. Monnica Williams & Darren Springer for a discussion on Psychedelics for Racial Trauma
June 19, 2021 | 2 p.m. PT

In a 2018 review of the research, Dr. Monnica Williams found that more than 80 percent of participants in psychedelic clinical trials going back to 1993 have been white. And yet, a large-scale study, conducted in 2011 by researchers at Harvard School of Public Health, found that 8.7 percent of African Americans experience PTSI at some point in their lives compared to 7.0 percent of non-Latino whites. As MDMA and psilocybin get closer to being approved by the FDA as prescription medications, a growing number of people in the psychedelic community are talking about the importance of inclusion.

How can we make sure historically marginalized communities have access to psychedelic healing? And how do we build an infrastructure that knows how to properly support them through these often life-changing and profound experiences? In this 75-minute webinar, Dr. Monnica Williams and Darren Springer will discuss the potential of psychedelics for healing personal and intergenerational racial trauma, the barriers to providing psychedelic healing to people of color, how we can begin to educate communities disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs on psychedelics for mental health, and how we all might be a part of creating a more inclusive psychedelic space, from conferences to ceremonies and beyond. There will also be time for questions from our community at the end. 

Half of the proceeds from this event will be donated to Dr. Monnica Williams’ research
*If you are unable to attend at the scheduled time, don’t worry! This event will be recorded and shared with all registrants afterward.

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