Shroom Rave

Shroom Rave
sroom rave
Shroom Rave
Ritual and Rave
A Shroom Rave Spa
October 22, 2023
3 p.m.-10 p.m.
21+ Only

Dear Community,

Since DoubleBlind was established 5 years ago, we’ve had the joy of meeting some of you in person out in the world—and what we’ve realized, again and again, is that there is nothing as beautiful as being in-community together. It’s in that spirit that we’re teaming up with Michelle Lhooq, a cultural visionary known equally for her psychedelic parties as for her work as a journalist covering drugs and counterculture with her platform Rave New World

Michelle Lhooq’s shroom raves have inspired us to collaborate with her in putting together our second big gathering since we launched the magazine, joining the most prolific DJs and plant medicine facilitators (and other special guests) in our world for what should be a magical day. 

R&R (or ritual and rave) was birthed from the idea that revelry can be rejuvenating—and joy, movement, and community can be as healing as going inward. R&R will be designed like a ceremony, taking us from a powerful guided journey into an arc of ambient spinning, vinyl, and live music. Throughout the space, you’ll find micro-environments to drop in with yourself and others—with our favorite, potent legal psychoactives, spa treatments, and more. Together, we aim to envision a world where people can show up as the truest versions of themselves at events—and leave feeling nourished and inspired. Join DoubleBlind and Rave New World in co-creating that reality.

Cannabis Breathwork and Visualization by Skye Weaver

Our relationship with cannabis was transformed when we met Skye Weaver. Through powerful breathwork, meditation, and visualization, she guides people through journeys that help them understand the psychedelic and healing power of the cannabis plant. Our event will begin with an optional ceremony, guided by her, to help people drop out of their minds and into their hearts and bodies.

Mushrooms as Performance Art by Heidi Rushforth

Inside a glass, soundproof box, Heidi will be grilling mushrooms over a bed of hot salts as performance art. Yes, you’ll be able to try them, too. Heidi has collaborated with conceptual artists David Horvitz and Alexander Stevens, and uses food as visceral communication through communion. Her work lies at the intersection of play and fantasy, design and culture.

Sufi Whirling Meditation by Magi

Whirling meditation is a devotional meditation-in-motion and a mystical mind-altering technique practiced by the Sufi dervishes as a way of unification with the divine. This ritual, organized by our friends at Magi, will combine elements of Sufi whirling meditation, ziker (chanting), and shamanic communal use of psychoactives for collective devotion, divine processing, and unity.

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Traditional Gong Fu Tea Ceremony by .standstill.

Standstill is devoted to bringing ancient ways of enjoying tea into modern times. At R&R, they’ll be hosting a tea ceremony, serving their "Gui Fei Oolong,” a bug-bitten oolong from a biodynamic farm in Dong Ding, Taiwan. The bites from an aphid called Tea Jassids give the tea a natural stone-fruit, honey aroma.

Bodywork by Lisa Parker of Trilome Academy and Jeanne Heo

Yes, there will be an actual pop-up spa at R&R, complete with bodyworkers, lavender mist, and cucumbers for your weary eyes. Lisa Parker is a board-certified structural integration practitioner, whose expertise lies in working with the body and nervous system to provide relief from chronic pain, tension, suppressed emotion, PTSD, anxiety, and trauma. She’s passionate about combining psychedelics and bodywork. Jeanne Heo is a community organizer who is passionate about somatics.

A Psychoactive Bar

At the psychoactive bar, you’ll find cannabis, supplements with beta-carbolines extracted from purified Peganum harmala (i.e. Syrian rue), kanna, muscimol extract (one of the principal psychoactive constituents of the Amanita muscaria mushroom), and functional mushroom gummies. One of our primary intentions behind this event is education and awareness around the powerful apothecary of legal psychoactives that exist and can support people alongside bigger psychedelic experiences.

Integration Safe Space

There will be a quiet, chill, safe zone at the event for anyone who wants to step away and just relax. The low-lit space will include snacks, water, and support, headed up by our trusted friend and ally Tristan Victor.

Carlos Souffront

Carlos Souffront (@carlossouffront) is a San Francisco-based, Detroit-raised techno wizard who is one of the most respected DJs on the planet. A true original known for his moody mixes, rhythmic complexity, and propensity for creating acid-laced psychedelic wormholes.


Maral (@_ma_ral_) is a Los Angeles-based, Iranian-American artist whose folk club sound samples from Persian folk, classical, and pop music—including mixtapes made by her parents in the 80s and 90s.

Maxwell Williams

Maxwell Williams (@ufoparfums) is an olfactory artist and creator of Scent Rave, an underground party that merges perfumes and dance music.


Matthewdavid (@matthewdavidmcq) is the founder of @leavingrecords, a Los-Angeles based record label. He will be performing from his recent releases On Mushrooms and Mycelium Music.

Hailey Niswanger

Hailey Niswanger (@hailey_niswanger) is a saxophone, clarinet, and flute player who has shared the stage with DeeDee Bridgewater, George Duke, George Garzone, Red Holloway, Terell Stafford, Phil Woods, James Moody, Steve Nelson, Christian McBride, McCoy Tyner, Maceo Parker, Wynton Marsalis, Mark Whitfield, and other jazz greats. Her current projects include and @ohma.being.


DJ Ty (@deeejayty) is a rising vinyl supertalent in Los Angeles’ underground nightlife and @shrooomrave’s resident DJ. Inspired by the 90s and 00s West Coast rave scene, his lively sound extends rare and often-forgotten tracks into new futures.

Sasha Desree

Sasha Desree (@sashadesree) is a DJ/producer who explores themes of magic and enhancement against a backdrop of electronica and techno.

los angeles

Thank you to our partners and friends for making this event possible. They’re all amazing humans doing great work, so check them out and support them!

KA! Empathogenics

Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles


Puff Herbals






RedHouse Productions


Optimist Drinks

New Brew








Enjoyable CBD


Rave New World is an independent media platform and underground party series at the intersection of raving and psychedelics. It was founded in 2019 by Michelle Lhooq, a counterculture journalist who contributes to New York Magazine, The Guardian, The Los Angeles Times, and of course, DoubleBlind. Michelle is also the author of “WEED: Everything You Want to Know But Are Always Too Stoned to Ask” (Penguin Random House). She is deeply invested in both reporting on, and creating, new plant-based paradigms around partying as modes of resistance and survival. Shroom Rave, which she created in early 2023, is a continuation of her forays into conceiving psychedelic spaces in this dawning age of decriminalization. She is very excited for her first event collaboration with DoubleBlind.


Where is the event? 

The event is at an incredible, private art cooperative located at 1611 S. Hope Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015. We send the address, arrival details, and additional instructions to attendees once they buy their ticket.

When does the event start and end? 

The event starts at 3 p.m. and ends at 10 p.m. The breathwork and cannabis ceremonies start promptly at 5 p.m. and you won’t want to miss them! We recommend you arrive at 4:30 p.m. if you’d like to participate in those. 

Will there be psychedelics at the event? 

We will only be serving legal psychoactives at the event such as cannabis, kanna, cacao, kratom, and kava. These are potent medicines for journeying which can lead to profound, transformative experiences and we will have integration specialists and a safe space available throughout the event for anyone seeking support. We ask that you do not choose to take a macrodose of a classic psychedelic such as shrooms or LSD at the event as we will not have the capacity to support people through longer journeys. 

What’s the deal with parking? 

There’s a lot nearby with plenty of parking. We’ll send the info ahead of time, but, if you can, taking an Uber or Lyft will be more convenient. 

What’s your COVID policy? 

This is an indoor event. We ask that you stay at-home and/ or take a test if there’s any chance that you’ve recently been exposed to COVID. 

Can I bring my dog and/ or kids? 

Sorry, we love doggies and kids, but not to this event! You must be 21+ to attend.

What’s your refund and transfer policy? 

Sorry, but we don’t have the Customer Service capacity to handle refunds and transfers. All ticket sales for this event are final. 

Will there be tickets available at the door? 

We anticipate selling out ahead of time, so there’s no guarantees you’ll get in if you show up at the door. If that changes, we will make an announcement via email and on our Instagram.

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