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Tripping Combining Drugs

Hand holding shrooms, LSD, and ecstasy for jedi flipping
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Tripping: Combining Drugs

Although there’s been hardly any research on the potential benefits and risks of combining different psychedelics together, a lot of people do it.

Stories abound on Reddit about how it might make you feel. When you combine two or more drugs together, it’s called “flipping” or a “flip.” And there’s a lot of debate about whether the order of the drugs—and how long you wait between taking each one makes a difference. People combine MDMA, ketamine, LSD, shrooms, and weed, among other drugs, basically every way you can imagine.

It’s important to note that taking any of these drugs on their own can be an intense experience—and the more drugs you combine, the more you’re also at risk of experiencing something uncomfortable and challenging to navigate. So with all psychedelics, the motto within the psychedelic community is “start low and go slow.” This especially pertains to flipping of any kind. Here, we cover the most common flips as well as important information on best harm reduction practices and potential risks.

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