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How to Grow Shrooms: Resources

Character growing shrooms
Character growing shrooms

How to Grow Shrooms

It’s not a coincidence that all of a sudden a mushroom growing movement is spreading like wildfire across the country—and the world. More and more companies are making it easy for folks to grow mushrooms at-home with mushroom grow kits. Meanwhile, grassroots activists such as those behind Decriminalize California, the campaign to decriminalize psilocybin—the psychoactive component in shrooms—started teaching classes on how to grow, using popcorn and big plastic tubs. The movement to decriminalize psychedelics at the local level is largely a response to all the capital pouring into the forthcoming psychedelic industry. (The thinking goes: It won’t matter how much psychedelic pharma charges for shrooms if everyone’s growing them in their homes.)

The truth is: Growing mushrooms can be a simple—and yet radical—response to our times. Once you’ve learned the skill, you can grow your own food (in a world where we’re all incredibly disconnected from where our food comes from), you can grow your own medicine (in a world where folks are desperately seeking alternative mental health treatments), and you can, simply, reconnect with the magic of nature (in a world where Zoom calls have become the predominant way to socialize).

It’s for all these reasons that DoubleBlind decided to launch a course on How to Grow Mushrooms. We never could have anticipated what our mushroom course would become—a community of thousands of people who support one another through every stage of the grow process.

It’s been miraculous to watch people around the world become so passionate about growing mushrooms—it’s hard not to get hooked once you do it for the first time! In this section, we’ll cover some of the basics on how to grow:

Want to grow SHROOMS?! Let us help you avoid newbie mistakes and get answers to the most frequently asked questions about how to get started.

Consider enrolling in one of our classes, too, if you’re ready to go deeper or want support from our team of expert mycologists.

Learn More about Growing Mushrooms:

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