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The truth is: Growing mushrooms is a simple—and yet radical—response to our times. Once you’ve learned the skill, you can grow your own food, you can grow your own medicine, and you can, simply, reconnect with the magic of nature.

In our beginner course, you’ll learn how to set up your own DIY grow tub right at home!


Featuring experienced cultivators, you can use this course to grow a variety of medicinal mushrooms. We’ll walk you through the basics of cultivation, from preparing your grow setup to harvesting your mushrooms in our easy-to-digest video tutorials and written guides.


Want to have access to the best mycology experts at your finger tips? Good news! In this course,  you’ll be supported by our team of experts, including Dr. K Mandrake, author of The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible. You’ll also get lifetime access to a private online forum with other growers around the globe who you can connect with and support along the way.

Due to live instructor support, this course has limited capacity.
DB 101: How to Grow Mushrooms
$ 149
  • Live Access to Expert Mycologists
  • Seven Step-by-Step Video Episodes, Written Guides, Extensive FAQ Guide
  • Private Online Forum of Growers
  • Supply List with Preferred Vendors
  • A Free one-month DoubleBlind+ Membership Trial (auto-renews after 30 days for $19/month, cancel anytime)
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Imagine if you could...
Save more than $600 after just one grow!
Here's What You'll Learn
woman and mushroom

You’ll get a vocab lesson on all of the terms you’ll need to know to be fluent in growing your own fungi.


Key Takeaways:

  • Get an introduction to the anatomy of a mushroom
  • Learn the basic cultivation terminology we’ll use throughout the course
  • Plus, get an in-depth mycology glossary

In this episode, we outline the supplies you’ll need for inoculation and subsequent steps of the grow process.


Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the difference between spore syringes and sport prints
  • Access a supply list with links to our favorite suppliers
  • Find out our favorite vendors for purchasing spores
syringe in bunson burner

Here you’ll learn how to “plant” your spores, or inoculate your substrate—the first step in the mushroom cultivation process.


Key Takeaways:

  • Set up a sterile environment
  • Begin the grow process by inoculating your substrate
  • Practice patience as your mycelium colonizes
substrate bucket and pot of water

During this episode we show you how to make your bulk substrate for your fruiting chamber (a.k.a. terrarium or monotub).


Key Takeaways:

  • Get the DB-approved bulk substrate recipe
  • Mix and pasteurize your bulk substrate
  • Prepare your fruiting chamber

You’ll learn what to expect when your mushrooms begin to fruit. We also describe some common possible contaminants to look out for.


Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about pinning
  • Monitor your first flush
  • Familiarize yourself with common types of mold
cobweb mold

You’ll learn what to expect when your mushrooms begin to fruit. We also describe some common possible contaminants to look out for.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about pinning
  • Monitor your first flush
  • Familiarize yourself with common types of mold

In the final episode, we harvest our mushrooms and dry them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn when and how to pick your shrooms
  • Understand why and how to dry your shrooms
  • Find the best way to store shrooms long-term
  • Learn how to “dunk” your mycelium for another “flush”
The Course Includes:
Live Access to MycologistS
The grow process can be confusing. We spend hours with you, holding your hand every step of the way — (Value $1500)
access to a beautiful, supportive community
More than 1000 mushroom growers from around the world, supporting each other and bonding — (Value $200)
Seven videos, written companions, a legality guide, and an extensive list of frequently asked questions to help you avoid rookie mistakes — (Value $400)
Trustworthy sites to buy everything you need to grow for less than $200 — (Value $50)
Got questions? Our experts have answers.
Expert Support When You Need It
One of the main reasons people fail at growing mushrooms is because they don't have the support they need to succeed. With our course, our expert cultivators below will be there to hold your hand every step of the way: making sure you don’t ruin your grow with common mistakes, looking at pictures you send them, helping you modify your grow when you’re ready to get creative, you name it…
Dr. K Mandrake

We’re incredibly humbled to have Dr. K Mandrake on our team. He wrote the definitive psychedelic mushroom growing book, The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible. He holds a doctorate in mycology and is an expert on every stage of the grow process, whether you’re a beginner or looking for more advanced techniques. You’ll find him in our online forum helping growers troubleshoot, and if you take our 102 course, he’ll walk you through making spore prints, agar, and culture libraries.


Bryan has been working with our fungi friends for over five years. We were thrilled to have Bryan first join us as a student and after seeing his skills, inviting him to join the team of experts was a no-brainer. Since joining us, he’s written an expansive 14-page glossary for our growers that is guaranteed to get you up-to-speed on myco-speak. You’ll get to know Byran well in our online forum where he’s actively answering questions and building community with our growers.

Virginia Haze

Virginia Haze is a nomadic writer and editor with a long history of both writing about and using intoxicants in all their forms, though not always at the same time. She’s written for drug culture magazines, worked on many step-by-step cultivation guides and is the co-author of best-selling books The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible and The Psilocybin Chef Cookbook. She learned to grow mushrooms under the tutelage of Dr. K. Mandrake. Find her cheering you on in our online forum.

Why This Course?
When you learn with us, not only will you become a confident cultivator with more mushrooms than you'll know what to do with, but you'll come out feeling empowered to take your health and wellness into your own hands.
One-on One

Unlike with online forums like Reddit, with our course, you get access to leading mycology teachers who will support you every step of the way.

  • Three expert mycologists available online Tuesday-Friday and Sunday
  • Share pictures of your grow
  • Get your questions answered
Private Forum of Fellow Growers

You’ll get access to an invite-only, private DoubleBlind community to bond with and receive support from your fellow growers.

  • The DoubleBlind community is very global—connect with growers around the world
  • Get grow tips and recommendations
  • Learn about other people’s experiences and share your own

Once you have the setup, you can use it forever, to grow an infinite supply of mushrooms for your friends and family. All the supplies cost less than $100.

  • You’ll get about 30 to 60 dried grams of mushrooms from a spore syringe, which costs about $10
  • Go as fancy or as basic with your setup as you’d like
  • All supplies can be found online and in local hardware/garden stores
Fits Anywhere

You don’t need extra space—in fact, a space the size of a litter box should be enough room.

  • You’ll need a small, dark space for inoculation
  • For colonization, you’ll need a space with indirect light
  • 75-82F is ideal, but you can always get creative to regulate temperature
It's Fast

From prep to harvest, the whole process takes about nine weeks.

  • Most of this time is spent waiting—patience is key!
  • Only a couple of fuller days needed for inoculation and transferring the substrate
  • Once they’ve begun growing, you’ll check to mist and fan periodically

Check Out What Our Community is Growing

Here's What Our Students Are Saying:
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Kathy, DB 101 Student

Glory Hallelujah I saw that DoubleBlind was offering a class on how to grow mushrooms!

“The entire journey from supplies to harvest was really magical for me. The 9 week class provided step by step instructions by using a written guide and videos which were excellent. I know this sounds like this is too good to be true but it was true and it was amazing how much effort went into this class and how much attention we received. We had a team of highly qualified mycologists.”

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Sara, DB 101 Student

Incredible experience and I would highly recommend it. Thank you DoubleBlind!

“I’ve been interested in plant medicines for a while so I thought it would be a cool hands on way for me to explore those topics. I really enjoyed the course, it was super easy to follow. There were helpful experts who were there to answer all my questions”

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Fred, DB 101 Student

Thanks to our amazing teachers and our incredible community now I can cultivate my own mushrooms.

“I was already curious about mycology, but DoubleBlind’s How to Grow Mushrooms course came right on time in quarantine. I loved that I could get access to expert knowledge throughout the grow process.”

Want to read more reviews?

Let's Grow Together

DB 101: How to Grow Mushrooms
$ 149
  • Live Access to Expert Mycologists
  • Seven Step-by-Step Video Episodes, Written Guides, Extensive FAQ Guide
  • Private Online Forum of Growers
  • Supply List with Preferred Vendors
  • A Free one-month DoubleBlind+ Membership Trial (auto-renews after 30 days for $19/month, cancel anytime)
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Frequently Asked Questions

All of the materials can be accessed online with a username and log-in through our website.

The online class starts as soon as you enroll. You are free to move along at your own pace. 

Yes, you can watch the episodes as many times as you’d like.

Once you subscribe, you will have access to a community of experts who will be available to personally answer your questions.

Once you sign up for the course, we’ll email you a list of supplies. Most of the items you can purchase in your local gardening store. We also provide a trusted website for spores.

Yes, we’ve had people from all over the world take the course! Our mushroom community is very global.

It’s important to us that people have access to the resources they need to heal. We have limited scholarship opportunities. Email us at: [email protected]

From Our Founders

“It’s been so humbling and beautiful to watch our mushroom community grow to thousands of people from around the world, who are supporting each other on their mushroom growing journeys. Some of our students have even gone onto become TAs for the other students, and many have graduated saying the course changed their lives and the relationship they have with their medicine and food. This course is really just a part of a movement to take our health back into our own hands, and we’re grateful to be a part of it at DoubleBlind.”


— Shelby Hartman & Madison Margolin


Go deep into the shroom growing process with both of our courses and get $90 OFF!

How to Grow Mushrooms Bundle
Student Reviews
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judge logo
Steven F.
2/20/2023 — Verified Purchase
Read More
Great course with the right amounts of written and visual media nicely balancing out right and left brain attributes. The narrator had a nice sense of humor making it less intimidating.
Brian L.
2/1/2023 — Verified Purchase
Read More
OK for starting from absolute zero — It probably is a good start for some people. After watching several other videos I decided to try the more advanced methods like Mason jars and monotubs. Felt lukewarm about the presenter's style. But I'm old. Lol
Chris B.
1/22/2023 — Verified Purchase
Read More
All the info is there and it’s easy to follow, but … … if you’re like me and hate reading directions, I recommend splurging on the videos.
Matthew J.
1/1/2023 — Verified Purchase
Read More
Grateful for the info and encouragement — I am a newbie but feel grateful for the knowledge and support offered by your course and team. The discord group is priceless. To be able to communicate with experts and others who have gone thru this process is amazing and definitely a game changer. I have never thought I could do this but am having success now. Highly recommended.
Mitchell B.
12/28/2023 — Verified Purchase
Read More
I purchased the course bundle. 101 was very basic, information that could be found in so many other places, albeit, it was delivered in a very engaging way. I really liked the course. Where the courses have true value for me are course 102 and the DISCORD access. well worth the price of the course, granting lifelong access to so many knowledgeable folks is amazing. sure, the 101 course is basic, but you will learn from it if you are just starting out. 102 is great, and jam packed full of tips, and as I mentioned, access to DISCORD makes this a high value expenditure.
Christopher O.
12/23/2023 — Verified Purchase
Read More
Just started with DB learning, but excited about future possibility, and the de-stigmatization of it all :) Awesome classes on how to get your own supply started, and using the medicine efficiently and safely.
Troy P.
12/14/2023 — Verified Purchase
Read More
The overall course is full of fantastic information and resources for the absolute beginners to seasoned growers. The courses are layed out in an easy to follow format, with real time support which is a game changer when you have any growing questions.
Sharon O.
11/18/2022 — Verified Purchase
Read More
Excellent content. Follow these instructions and you’ll have a great harvest!
Michael M.
10/30/2022 — Verified Purchase
Read More
Thank you for what you do. There are times when some of us feel lost, and seek whatever answers we can. In seeking those answers, we might learn about psychedelics first, and then it's a short venture to discovering your magazine. Your work has been a very valuable tool for me on many levels, and perhaps all I can really say is "thank you."
Arthur V.
10/14/2022 — Verified Purchase
Read More
Great website for mushroom education I would highly recommend
Thomas H.
9/29/2022 — Verified Purchase
Read More
I've been growing marijuana for decades. I have an advanced degree in science, but not in this field. I had to throw away everything from my first attempt, it got contaminated. On my second attempt, I took extra precautions and used the oven door method. My second attempt was last month. So far it's going great and I haven't had to throw away anything. My second attempt looks promising. I should have my first batch within 3 or 4 more weeks. I should have taken the courses earlier. I would be much farther ahead experience-wise.
Rick B.
9/13/2022 — Verified Purchase
Read More
Just getting started so far so good 👍
Autumn E.
9/2/2022 — Verified Purchase
Read More
Thank you guys so much I was a little nervous about all of it at first I'm so happy I don't regret it. I don't think others will either again thank you guys so much
Michael C.
9/2/2022 — Verified Purchase
Read More
Very good course with a lot of details and good instructions. Lists of materials needed and where to get them and a step by step how to is good. A couple areas are less clear. What storage bin, material level and amounts are either variable or less than as clear as other portions of the course. Not a huge complaint but could use more clarity or less variety.
Tracey C.
8/28/2022 — Verified Purchase
Read More
Ok, I get that people need a place to start when trying to get started in this endeavor but I expected a bit more for the price of admission. I've learned far more from other sites for free.
Rick C.
8/20/2022 — Verified Purchase
Read More
I've done several grows over the years using PF cakes and some small casings but this course hit it home for me. Setting up as we speak. Liquid Cultures? Jeez, who woulda thunk it?
Jennifer C.
8/13/2022 — Verified Purchase
Read More
Great class, step by step instructions, easy to follow.
Stephen M.
8/3/2022 — Verified Purchase
Read More
The information provided is generally good. The main videos are well produced and quirky. However, the information could be more in-depth and the supplemental videos where important information resides are very poor quality and not very well thought-out. It seems like they were kinda thrown in there from a recorded class conversation. The one of Dr Mandrake doing the liner is a tiny group screen and then he even turns off his camera. Can’t you make a well made video on the details of making a liner? More info presented in a clearer way is needed. And please please include photos! You are describing what things should look like at different stages. Everyone will picture that differently. Photos would be very helpful to support the descriptions. Put everything in the course instead of links to articles or needing to weed through Discord channels. Discord was very helpful for asking direct questions though. In the end, I think I got all the info that I needed, but I really had to search and do a lot of looking. Seems like it could be made better with better material.
Jessice S.
6/20/2022 — Verified Purchase
Read More
Whether it’s your first time growing or might have some previous experience, this course will take you beyond the scope. This course offers all the resources you could possibly need to cultivate your own mushrooms and a community to thrive with. I would recommend this to anyone willing to learn and want to learn from the best!
Kim S.
6/14/2022 — Verified Purchase
Read More
I am still waiting on the inoculation phase to complete before trying the second part fruiting. Thanks to double blind for being on the forefront of change. I am happy to support their work!
Thomas S.
5/31/2022 — Verified Purchase
Read More
Straightforward and easy to reference material.
Dusti B.
5/24/2022 — Verified Purchase
Read More
Thank you for the great information to help with my first grow. I haven’t succeeded the first round but I’m not going to give up! I will be getting the rest of the courses!
Michele S.
5/20/2022 — Verified Purchase
Read More
I have been cultivating mushrooms prior to the course but this course helped me to refine my technique…
Benjamin D.
5/14/2022 — Verified Purchase
Read More
An indispensable guide when getting started with mycology. Highly recommended for novice mycologists!
Zach S.
5/9/2022 — Verified Purchase
Read More
I appreciated the playful short videos, as well as the more extensive written instructions and FAQs. I feel like I'm in good hands. (However, having just begun the inoculation/colonization phase, I can't speak to the overall effectiveness of the method yet.)
4/18/2022 — Verified Purchase
Read More
After a few failures I found this guide very easy to follow. I have bulk substrate colonising at the moment. Fingers crossed. The supply list was also helpful.
Janice T.
3/11/2022 — Verified Purchase
Read More
I have read and applied numerous grow guides/tek’s throughout my time working with Mushrooms. Double Blind’s approach is certainly as good as any! The lessons are accurate and to the point providing you with everything you need to know while cutting out any unnecessary fluff. I am fully confident that anyone could take the beginners course (with zero past knowledge or experience) and experience great success there first time. I highly recommend these guides as well as soaking up all the other practical information provided with membership and through DB’s publication. They have been and continue to be what I consider an indispensable resource in the field of mushrooms and mycology. Many thanks!
Ray p.
3/8/2022 — Verified Purchase
Read More
Just what I was looking for.
Misty K.
3/3/2022 — Verified Purchase
Read More
I am all about the psychedelic world! I love learning and experiencing all about the spiritual realm of the world. I'm very ecstatic to be a part of your world!
Eric P.
3/1/2022 — Verified Purchase
Read More
This How to Grow Mushrooms was easy to follow, complete with lists of items to purchase plus bonus videos to help reinforce what you learned in the course video. The huge plus of How to Grow Mushrooms is the comedy. Psychedelics help to teach, don't take yourself too seriously. Brook Burgstahler, your mushroom grow instructor, does a great job of blending comedy, information, and great background music to her pedagogy. I highly recommend this class. Thanks DoubleBlind!
Bethany M.
2/27/2022 — Verified Purchase
Read More
I really enjoyed the content and look forward to more offerings in the future.
2/13/2022 — Verified Purchase
Read More
I have been using shrooms medicinally for several years now. They help me with anxiety and sleep. I don't take much less than a quarter gram. Don't really like the high it effects my muscles making me feel uncomfortable, but don't mind the visuals. I'm 69 took my first acid trip at 15. My reason to learn how to grow is for my use and a couple of friends who use it for pain. I haven't completed the first course yet as I am still getting my supplies together. So far I am happy with the information.
Michael P.
1/16/2022 — Verified Purchase
Read More
We’ve bought almost everything but the terrarium/tub, and we’re excited to get started! Between the videos and the FAQ docs, I feel really well prepared to jump into this. Can’t wait!
Peter F.
1/5/2022 — Verified Purchase
Read More
How to grow mushrooms 101 is a very easy to follow course. All of the steps are explained very well. With silly humor added in. The course explained the extreme need for sterile equipment. And also gave me a list of everything I need to purchase. I will be able to grow with confidence and will be able to provide myself with my own supply of the sacred medicine. How to grow 102 offers several more advanced options for growing your own mushrooms. They are also explain very well. But for now I think I will start with the basic outline. Thank you for giving me a way to provide my own source of this valuable medicine.
Madyson M.
12/15/2021 — Verified Purchase
Read More
Thank you!! I feel so much more confident in this. The internet scared me - there were way too many methodologies, and it sounded like such a hard core process. This made everything fun and easy.
Wendy B.
11/28/2021 — Verified Purchase
Read More
First, the videos were so much fun to watch while conveying great educational content. I am on my first experiment with growing, and so far I have had success beyond my expectations: 7 out of 10 bags inoculated produced uncontaminated mycelium cakes, and I just started the fruiting chambers. All the instructions are clear and easy to follow.
Jenia E.
11/21/2021 — Verified Purchase
Read More
Fun and entertaining class. It's short and gives you a walk-through of what's ahead. It lacks some depth and details and I would supplement it with books and other trusted resources.
Peter C.
11/15/2021 — Verified Purchase
Read More
Some important information left out of the course materials that would be easy & helpful to include - like use a SAB for lower contamination.
Kyra R.
9/30/2021 — Verified Purchase
Read More
Thank you for organizing the course in a way that helps learners to easily understand how to grow! My only concern is that the discord forum could be a little more attended to - I have yet to receive a response for a question I asked almost two weeks ago. Sometimes, Reddit forums can be a better place for these questions.
Tina F.
7/15/2021 — Verified Purchase
Read More
Nice humorous approach to the class. Videos are helpful! Thank you!
Alan V.
7/13/2021 — Verified Purchase
Read More
If someone is looking to get started with mycology this is a great resource to find it all in one place. The Discord channel is super handy as well as well as the archive of past video cohorts.
Spencer B.
6/3/2021 — Verified Purchase
Read More
This 101 course removes all barriers and breaks down each step into easy to understand steps. I used to be intimidated and now I'm confident in the process.
5/14/2021 — Verified Purchase
Read More
Beyonds words. The course was enabling and allowed me freedom and to let go of Ego
Hugh L.
5/14/2021 — Verified Purchase
Read More
Great course. Very thorough. Everything was explained for the novice. Keep doing what you are doing.
Itsy S.
5/10/2021 — Verified Purchase
Read More
The information was very good and thorough. I enjoyed the humor and style of the videos. However, things moved very quickly in the video and I had to rewind often to get the gist.
Jan B.
5/7/2021 — Verified Purchase
Read More
This course is very clear and easy to do. I’m on my way and wonder what the end result is going to be.
Simon S.
4/29/2021 — Verified Purchase
Read More
Really useful. Clean clear explanations of some techniques I’d never come across backed up with great documentation.
Ryan H.
4/15/2021 — Verified Purchase
Read More
Very interesting experience…attention to detail is crucial. Most of the detail is well outlined by DB guidance.
Megan D.
4/10/2021 — Verified Purchase
Read More
I’m so glad that I purchased this course. The additional videos really helped me in understanding how to cultivate mushrooms. I love that you’re able to go back to any step along the way to review it. FAQs are on point as well!
Andre N.
4/5/2021 — Verified Purchase
Read More
Great videos, great references, wonderful QnA and supporting documents; can not say enough good things about this course! Enough to get started but not so much as to overwhelm, but also all the guidance to take you as far as you’d like to go...I’m starting agar work!!! Who knew?!?
Julie S.
4/5/2021 — Verified Purchase
Read More
I thought the course guide was more helpful than the initial videos. However, as the course proceeded, the additional added videos really helped clarify procedures and answer questions.
Nathan F.
4/1/2021 — Verified Purchase
Read More
I was very pleased to find a course online that was affordable and easy to negotiate. I appreciate you kickstarting my mycology.
Jeff S.
3/28/2021 — Verified Purchase
Read More
Very well designed. Easy to follow. Information easily accessible
Louise G.
3/17/2021 — Verified Purchase
Read More
I was nervous and overwhelmed with all of the info on how to grow on the internet. When I found DB, I was so relieved! I loved how easy it was so follow along and the info was easy to understand for a first timer. I’m also obsessed with the aesthetics of DB and Brooke is adorable as can be.
Cem B.
3/13/2021 — Verified Purchase
Read More
It was a lot of fun going through the course. I learned a lot and found it easy to follow. I love the discord chat and read it whenever I can.
Travis B.
2/28/2021 — Verified Purchase
Read More
A step by step guide in order to grow mushrooms that is easy to follow and understand! Nailed it DB and thank you thank you thank you!
Leslie P.
Read More
I highly recommend this course! It's easy to understand and follow, and a great time!