Doubleblind: a woman looking through what seems to be stairs.
Doubleblind: a woman looking through what seems to be stairs.


Noelle Armstrong // March 4, 2020

levitating on the toilet

thinking of my father

who pontificated once

about colonics.

everyone is walking

around disgusted

with themselves

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he said, but we’re all

pink inside.

dad, why?

see, i’m always asking

for more information so

this is where you urge

my milking stop. urge

the orchestra quiet.

place a salty finger on the

of the pulpit. 

finally shhhhhh me 

into the blue-black 

quiet of unknowing 

where I am counting

beans or shucking corn.

skinning rabbit looking

up to say i have no idea

how to — shhhhhhhh.

alone in the tar black quiet.

Noelle Armstrong is a poet from California. She writes about weirdo children, sticky friendships, queer persistence, mind warping, made-up rituals, evangelical madness, fun apocalypses, psychic fears, swan boats, ecosystem collapse, interspecies friendship, and comforts with a spike inside. 



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