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Shroom Delivery is Now a Thing

With psychedelics decriminalized, many entrepreneurs are taking advantage of grey market loopholes.
Improve your mood, focus, and overall sense of well-being

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Magic Mushrooms Explained

How To Come Down From A High: Navigating the Downslope of a Trip

Psychoactive experiences can be mentally and physically taxing. Here's how to come down from a high—the comfortable way.
Magic Mushrooms Explained

What Happens When Dogs Eat Shrooms

Stumbling, howling, pupils dilated—and then they go back for more?
Tripping: Combining Drugs

DMT vs. Mushrooms: Are We All Tripping On The Same Thing?

The molecules are similar. The trips are not.
How to Take Shrooms

What Do Shrooms Taste Like?

Save your taste buds. We'll tell you how to make shrooms delicious.

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