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50% of Microdosers Started During Pandemic, Survey Suggests

New report reveals unprecedented surge in microdosing during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Psychedelics Activists Arrested at DEA Headquarters Amid Protest Over Psilocybin Access for Terminal Patients

Protest called attention to DEA’s obstruction of Right to Try statutes.

Shroom Dispensaries Operate Out in the Open in Vancouver

Are shroom shops the new weed shops?
How to Take Shrooms

12 Best Things To Do on Shrooms

Tell your subconscious we said hello.

The Advantages of Psychedelic Prohibition

As a legal psychedelic industry nears, facilitators fight for their right to remain underground.
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How To

Mushroom Chocolates: A Simple, Ancient Recipe for Shroom Chocolates

Mushroom chocolates are an ancient combination used in Mesoamerican ritual and religious ceremony. Here's our recipe for magic mushroom chocolate.
How To

How to Take Shrooms

Want to know how to take shrooms? Michelle Janikian has everything you need to know.

How Long Do Shrooms Last?

When considering the effects of shrooms, don’t just account for the length of the trip, but the integration period after.