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Visiting the Dark Side of the Moon

The Texas Eclipse Festival was an exploration of psychedelics, awe, and what it means to integrate our shadow selves in totality.
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People + Opinions

5 Drug Highs That Define the Grateful Dead’s Legacy

From a birthday cake laced with 800 hits of LSD to writing "Touch of Grey" after a night of railing lines, here are some of the Grateful Dead's most iconic drug moments.
Health & Wellness

Costa Rica’s Ayahuasca Retreat Industry Faces Threat of Closure

Inside the politics of Costa Rica's ayahuasca retreat industry and why the country's Minister of Health threatened to close some of the leading ayahuasca centers.

Even Small Doses of LSD Can Expand Consciousness

LSD drastically impacts neural complexity and boosts theta and delta waves in ways that the majority of other drugs don’t.
Mental Health

Spiritual Health Practitioners Offer Invaluable Expertise to Psychedelic Therapy, New Study Says

Researchers believe that spiritual health practitioners “bring unique and specific expertise" to psychedelic-assisted therapy.