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A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

You can still grow lion's mane even if you usually kill all of your plants—we promise.
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States are embracing psychedelics, paving the way for FDA approval

Over the course of the past year, several states across the US have taken legal action to expand access to psychedelic-assisted therapies for some citizens. Many of these efforts have been catalyzed by veterans who have personally benefited from psychedelic-assisted therapies.
Psychedelic Art and Culture

AI Can Now Generate DMT Visuals, Thanks To This Online Community

What happens when you feed artificial intelligence thousands of psychedelic images? They make machine elves, of course.

Colorado Legalizes MDMA Prescriptions Pending Federal Approval

The new legislation is one of several recent initiatives that would advance psychedelic and drug policy reform around the nation.
How To Do Acid

12 Best Things to Do on Acid

Patterns and playlists and peach fuzz, oh my!
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Reishi Mushroom: Benefits, Cultivation, and More

Human beings have a millennia-long relationship with the "mushroom of immortality."
How To

How to Take Shrooms

Want to know how to take shrooms? Michelle Janikian has everything you need to know.

How Long Do Shrooms Last?

When considering the effects of shrooms, don’t just account for the length of the trip, but the integration period after.