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Decriminalize the Nation: A Two-Part Conversation of Decriminalizing Colorado

colorado flag on mountain and mushrooms
colorado flag on mountain and mushrooms
Decriminalize the Nation:
A Two-Part Conversation on Decriminalizing Colorado
Tues, October 25, & Tues, Nov 1 | 4 p.m. PT | 5pm MT
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*This event will be recorded
Coloradans once again have the opportunity to make psychedelic history next month. However, criticism from some pro-reform activists against the proposed measure to legalize psilocybin therapy and open the door for other psychedelics in 2026 say it's not enough.
The Natural Medicine Health Act (NMHA) has added fuel to an already heated debate about the best way for psychedelic reform to unfold. Its supporters say that when making psychedelics available on a state level it is important for these medicines to be regulated and offered in a highly supportive setting to cater to a majority of people likely not comfortable in community settings.
Opponents, who largely campaign for total decriminalization without possession limits, say the bill was crafted largely by out-of-state interests who are not prioritizing accessibility or the needs and wants of local stakeholders amid the multimillion dollar shroom boom.
Proponents say the passing of NMHA will be a huge historical step in decriminalizing psychedelics and making alternative forms of healing more accessible to communities without risk of prosecution.
Join Monica Cadena with guest moderators Reggie Harris and Jeff Campbell for a chat with both proponents and opponents of NMHA. The goal of this chat is to build more transparency while fostering a culture of community input in decriminalization efforts on a local and national level.
This event is free to all who wish to join.
Session Details
Part 1
A Conversation with
Proponents of NMHA
Tuesday, October 25th at 4:00 PST | 5:00 MT | 7:00 EST
Co-Moderated by Monica Cadena and Reggie Harris
Hear with some of the policymakers and advocates behind prop 122 and why they believe this is a step forward for psychedelic decriminalization in Colorado and beyond.
Veronica Lightening Horse
David Bronner
Jaz Cadoch
Ben Unger
Part 2
A Conversation with
Opponents of NMHA
Tuesday, November 1 at 4:00 PST | 5:00 MT | 7:00 EST
Co-Moderated by Monica Cadena and Jeff Campbell
A roundtable conversation with Colorado activists and community stewards their perspectives on community based healing, and why they oppose Proposition 122
Kuthoomi Castro
Ana Sofia Cornelius
Wanbli Luta
Travis Tyler Fluck
Nicole Foerster
Moderated By:
Monica Cadena
Reggie Harris
Jeff Campbell
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